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Monolith 16′ x 40′

Pool Information

Monolith means big! Our Monolith-1640 is a pool with attitude that will look beautiful with your home.

The Monolith-1640 model combines size and style in a beautiful pool design that features ledge seating and a convenient step rail for swimmers of all heights to enjoy shallow and deeper ends equally.

The Monolith-1640 is a 16′ x 40′ pool design. The Monolith-1640 has a shallow end that slopes gracefully from 4′ depth. The deep end maxes out at 8’6″.

The Monolith-1640 is perfect for those who want a larger-sized fiberglass swimming pool with fun features that the entire family will enjoy.

Go ahead and order one today. You deserve it! Check out our other in-ground pool sizes and designs in our gallery.

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Colors Available

Caribbean Sparkle




Diamond Gray

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