How Long Does the Pool Installation Take?

Getting your inground pool installed in your backyard is an exciting time. We know you and your family are ready to get your swimsuits on and jump into your swimming pool. But just like it was a process to choose the right pool for you, it is a process to have an inground pool installed. On average inground swimming pool installation take three weeks from start to finish. More complicated projects can take much longer.

We want to share the main steps of the pool installation process with you so you can have an idea of when your inground pool will be completed. Keep in mind that job site conditions, weather, local code inspections and other factors can impact the process and the timeline.

Once you have the appropriate permits to begin installing your swimming pool, an excavation area is prepared by outlining the pool dimensions. Once developing the excavation area is completed the digging can begin.  The bottom of the excavated area is dug about four inches deeper than necessary to allow for sand or gravel fill material to be added to the pool bottom. The next step is to prepare the base based on the pool specification. Once the base is ready, then the pool is set in the hole by a crane or appropriately sized equipment. It may take several attempts to set the pool and ensure that the pool is level, and this is a normal procedure. The digging, excavation and setting should take two to three days.

After the pool is set, the pool installation process of backfilling the pool and adding water begins. Once the pool and any steps and ledges are backfilled properly, they will complete the pre-pour for the automatic safety cover, prep for concrete and proper electrical bonding. Pouring the concrete and letting the concrete settle can take anywhere from two to three days. This step of the pool installation is heavily dependent on weather conditions. While the concrete is curing, the team installing the pool will begin to clean up the site. Following the concrete patio, the post pour installation of the automatic safety cover will be completed along with a final clean of the pool. Now, it is time to put your lawn back together and schedule your first pool party.

We know you’re excited to have your inground pool installed, however, please remember that one day of rain can delay the timeline of installation for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. It all depends on what the weather does to the conditions of the job site.

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