Advantages to Owning Your Own Pool

With many subdivisions and neighborhood communities adding pools; you may be inclined to opt out of purchasing a pool for your own home. After all, why invest in a pool when you can go to a community pool whenever you want. Yes, we have heard that reasoning before. While that may be your first inclination, many of those doubters end up becoming pool owners. In fact, they often wish that they would have made the purchase sooner because there are great advantages to owning your own pool. Here are some benefits that former community pool goers find they love about having their own pool:

They Can Invite Anyone They Want. We have all been there. We pack up everything we own, head to the community pool to relax, only to end up spending countless hours listening to other people around you. Or we spend half the day a nervous wreck keeping an eye on the children because someone has to! When you have your own pool, you get to choose who you want to spend your pool day with. So, if you decide you would like to have a “You day,” perfect, you can do that. If you are in the mood for a few friends to come over, you can do that too. It is up to you. That is one of the best advantages. 

Convenience. Packing and unpacking lunches, towels, sunscreen, etc. can get tiring. Doing this every time you want to go to the pool gets old. Especially when you forget the sunblock, or worse, you forget to unpack and leave wet clothes in your vehicle overnight. That’s not okay for anyone. When your perfect paradise is just a few steps from your back door, the pool life is just easier.

Safe and Healthy. Unfortunately, water quality for public pools doesn’t have the best track record. According to an article,  Avoiding Crypto at the Pool this Summer by the Water Quality Health Council, Crypto outbreaks are on the rise. We don’t even want to tell you how that happens. Having your own pool does come with some responsibility. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to know for certain that you and your family are swimming in a safe and healthy pool.

Entertaining. Owning your own pool provides the perfect opportunity to entertain friends and family.  You can enjoy BBQ traditions like Fourth of JulyandLabor Day or create new ones. You can start any tradition in the comfort of your very own backyard with those that matter most. There is no better place to make memories that last a lifetime.

Your Pool. Your Way. Too hot? Too cold? No, it’s just right. Having your own pool allows you to be in control of everything from temperature to water chemistry levels. You can create the perfect balance and comfort for you.

Now that you know the advantages of owning a swimming pool are you ready to stop going to community pools? Visit our website for all our fiberglass pool designs when you’re ready to start searching for your dream swimming pool.