Six Awesome Things You Can Do in a Sunken Living Room Pool

sunken living room poolDo you love to entertain? Do your friends and neighbors clamor for an invitation to your parties because they know they’ll be fabulous? If “party” is your middle name, and you’re looking for a way to bring that party home seven days a week, a sunken living room pool is the perfect pool option for you.

Sunken living rooms have never before been available in fiberglass pools.
They have previously only been available in custom gunite pools in high-end resorts and hotels. But now you’ll be able to bring the luxury and fun of a sunken living room pool to your own backyard. Create an over-the-top entertaining experience in your inground pool that your guests will never forget.

Let’s explore all the cool things you can do with your new fiberglass sunken living room pool!

  1. Dine al fresco (on a whole new level.) Do you think that everything tastes better when you eat it outside on a beautiful day? Imagine dining outside surrounded by sparkling water and luminous underwater lighting. Your sunken living room pool with a dining table option gives you an amazing place to create spectacular dining experiences. Whether it’s an intimate steak dinner for two or a group of six friends sharing a potluck dinner, your sunken living room pool gives you a place to dine and socialize that will be unlike any other place in your home. And, you can kick the ambiance up to a whole new level by adding in built-in LED lighting inside your sunken living room!
  1. Swim up to the bar. If you’ve ever stayed in a resort with a swim-up bar, you probably loved the idea of being able to grab a cool, refreshing beverage at the bar without ever leaving the pool. In your sunken living room pool, you can recreate that experience. Stock a cooler full of your favorite beverages, and tuck it into your sunken living room. You may never leave your pool again.
  1. Snuggle up by the fire. There’s nothing quite like a cozy fire on a cool evening. Add a fire pit to your sunken living room pool, and you can enjoy the warmth of the fire surrounded by the cool water of your inground fiberglass pool. (Then, if you get too hot, you can jump right back in the pool and cool off!)
  1. Soak up the sun. When you’re not dining or relaxing inside your sunken living room, it can convert into a tanning ledge! So you get all the benefits of a fiberglass pool with a built-in tanning ledge along with the trendsetting innovation of a sunken living room. It’s like two pools in one!
  1. Practice your short game. If you’d rather be active in the sun, the sunken living room also has a putting green option, so you can putter away the afternoon before your lovely party in the pool.
  1. Or….get bubbly with a pool/spa combination!
    If you’d rather amp up the relaxation zone in your fiberglass pool oasis, you can add a spa to your fiberglass pool instead of a sunken living room for the absolute ultimate inground fiberglass pool experience. You can alternate between the warm, relaxing jets of your fiberglass pool spa and the cool, refreshing water of your pool. Why? Because you deserve both!

So, if you’re ready for a whole new level of entertaining, be the first to get a sunken living room in your new inground fiberglass pool. You’ll create the ultimate, flexible backyard getaway that will transform your outdoor living space into a decadent, multi-purpose entertainment zone you’ll never want to leave.

If you think a fiberglass sunken living room pool might be right for you, get on the waitlist to be the first in your neighborhood to have one!