What is a Sunken Living Area Pool and Why Should I Want One?

sunken living area poolThere’s nothing more precious than time spent with family and close friends. Whether you’re gathered around the dining area table feasting on your favorite meal, taking part in a rousing game night by the fire or enjoying the sunshine while you’re practicing your swing on the putting green, what’s key is that you have a space to all be together.

Imagine for a moment that all of those spaces were just steps outside your back door, and they were all INSIDE your inground pool. Thursday Pools is excited to announce the world’s first fiberglass pool with a sunken living room.

The patent pending sunken living area will be an option on several Thursday Pools designs beginning in 2020. Here are the details:

  • The sunken living area fiberglass pool works in tandem with Thursday Pools’ exclusive, patent pending Backfill Eliminator®  technology, which was developed to create stronger support for built-in tanning ledges. The sunken living area will also be supported by the Backfill Eliminator.
  • Available with couch-style seating, optional fireplace, dining table, spa or swim-up bar and topped with an optional tanning platform or putting green, the sunken living area pool provides a number of luxurious configurations that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Sunken living rooms are an inground pool amenity that have previously only been available in high-end custom gunite pools. Thursday Pools’ new sunken living area fiberglass pool will bring over-the-top luxury and a wow factor to any backyard fiberglass pool oasis. It creates a space that will become the centerpiece of your gatherings, for neighborhood parties, special family occasions or just a quiet night at home for two.

Get on the waitlist now to be the first in your neighborhood (maybe even in your state!) to own a sunken living area fiberglass pool.

About Thursday Pools 

Based in Fortville, Indiana, Thursday Pools is on the cutting edge of innovation in the fiberglass pool industry. Their innovations include: the world’s first beach entry fiberglass pool (utility and design patent pending,) the patented Geo-Anchoring Pool System (which is the only system that allows a fiberglass pool to be safely drained without voiding the warranty,) the Lucky 7 Skimmer (designed specifically to accommodate the sloped walls of fiberglass pools,) and the Backfill Eliminator, an integrated structural support that makes fiberglass pools with built-in tanning ledges easier and more economical to install.

Get more information on Thursday Pools and the new, patent pending sunken living area fiberglass pool today.