Create an Over-the-Top Backyard Oasis with Your Sunken Living Area Fiberglass Pool

If you’ve decided to be the first in your neighborhood to have one of the world’s first sunken living area fiberglass pools, your new inground pool and outdoor living space is about to go over-the-top with luxury and elegance. Make sure to get on the waitlist to order it in 2020, and start deciding now which options you’ll want in your new sunken living area fiberglass pool.

  1. Round or square shape. Just like diamonds, different shapes appeal to different people. Choose a round or square shape according to your taste.
  2. A tanning deck. This option makes the ideal perch for a couple of lounge chairs and a small table for your phone and beverage. Use it to lay out, sit, meditate or do a little morning yoga. And then slip into the water whenever the mood strikes.
  3. A putting green. Your golfing buddies will be green with envy when they see that you have a putting green in your pool. Practice your short game in the morning, and then take the green off for entertaining later in the day.
  4. A sunken sitting/dining area. True to its name, one of the options for your sunken living area fiberglass pool is a sunken sitting/dining area. It can be custom-outfitted with bench seating and a dining table. Just like your interior spaces, you can choose a style that reflects your family’s personality and creates the ambiance you’re after.
  5. A fire pit. If you want to be able to warm up fireside on cool nights, you can add the option of a firepit to your sunken living area fiberglass pool. Your kids won’t believe that they can make s’mores in the pool!
  6. A swim-up bar. Your parties will be Vegas-style legendary when you choose the swim-up bar option. You’ll never have to leave the pool to grab a beverage again.

The options don’t stop there. You can tailor your sunken living area fiberglass pool to your own discriminating taste and style. 

Make your sunken living area fiberglass pool completely unique by adding: 

  1. A high-end sound system. The right music, coming from killer speakers, takes your pool experience to the next level, whether you’re enjoying the pool all by yourself or hanging with 50 of your closest friends.
  2. Custom LED lighting. The right lighting is also a key element of the perfect ambiance for any gathering. The sunken living area is available with an awesome selection of custom lighting choices.
  3. A refrigerator. If you have a swim-up bar, you need a place to keep your beverages cold! Add in a fridge (and even a table-top ice maker), and your in-pool beverage center will be complete.
  4. Custom finishes. You can customize your sunken living area with high-end tile, stone and wood finishes, so it perfectly complements your home and outdoor living space.
  5. Your imagination. If you can dream it, you can probably find a way to add it to your sunken living area fiberglass pool. Just tell us what you’re thinking, and we’ll see if we can figure out how to make it happen for you.

And by the way, your sunken living area fiberglass pool will be just as easy to install as a regular fiberglass pool, because it will be supported by Thursday Pools’ exclusive, patented Backfill Eliminator technology. Depending on the options you choose, your pool builder will just need to run gas, water and 12 or 24 volt power depending on the options you choose, such as a refrigerator, sound system, or lighting.

If you like having the best of the best, the sunken living area fiberglass pool is for you. 

With one of the world’s first sunken living area fiberglass pools, you’ll have a stunning, custom backyard oasis that will be totally unlike the pool of anyone else you know. If you haven’t already done so, get on the waitlist now to be the first, and have the best, from Thursday Pools.

About Thursday Pools 

In our fiberglass pool manufacturing facility in Fortville, Indiana, we create the world’s thickest, strongest, most durable and finely crafted fiberglass pools. We are ISO 9001 certified, which means that fiberglass pool shells are made with the highest standards and from the best quality material available. We are also ISO 14001 certified, which means we are committed to environmental stewardship.

At Thursday Pools, we are committed to innovation, quality and cutting-edge design. We are also the creators of the world’s first beach entry (or zero entry) fiberglass pool.