What is a Beach Entry (or Zero Entry) Pool, and Why Should I Want One?

Are beach entry and zero entry the same?
beach entry pool

Yes! The two terms are used interchangeably. Whichever term you use, they’re trending big-time in the pool world right now. You may not have seen one yet, but you probably will soon. You might have experienced a beach (or zero) entry pool at a high-end resort or water park. If you felt like you were walking into the ocean while you were still standing on the inground swimming pool patio, you’ve experienced a beach entry pool.

Essentially, a beach entry pool, or zero entry pool, is an inground swimming pool designed with an entry that has a very slight slope into the pool, providing you with a long, slow, gradual entry. According to the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, these slopes cannot exceed a 1:7 slope ratio. So, for every seven feet in distance, the pool can have no more than one foot in depth. On a pool that has a beach entry, the initial entry into the pool begins dry, or with zero water on it, which is where the term “zero entry” pool comes from.

beach entry pool | \ ˈbēch  \ ˈen-trē  \ˈpül | (noun): A beach entry pool, or zero entry pool, is an inground swimming pool designed with no step or a zero riser from the floor that has a very slight slope into the pool providing a long, slow, gradual entry where the initial entry into the pool begins dry, or with zero water on it.

Beach entry fiberglass pool
Beach entry fiberglass pool

Can I get a beach entry fiberglass pool?

Yes! Beach entry fiberglass pools have just been created! Until recently, beach entry pools have only been available in gunite (or concrete) pools. However, they have recently become available in fiberglass pools, along with other highly sought-after features like tanning ledges and built-in benches. As “staycations” become more popular, families are looking to add inground fiberglass pools with luxury features to their own backyards to create a private backyard oasis they can enjoy for years to come.

Will a zero entry pool fit in my backyard?

Probably, but you might need a combination of a beach and standard entry. Since space for inground swimming pools can be limited in most people’s backyards, residential beach entry fiberglass pools are typically a combination of a sloping beach entry and traditional steps. They will often have a beach entry up to a certain point and then transition to the full depth of the pool with a few steps down.

Are beach entry fiberglass pools ADA compliant?

They’re not, but they can certainly make entry and exit much easier for children, older adults or those who might otherwise have a challenge with stairs.  ADA requirements call for a maximum slope ratio of 1:12 that must continue to a depth of 30 inches (or to the maximum depth of the pool if it’s less than 30 inches.) Additionally, ADA requirements for handrails and landings would apply.  

Why should I want a zero entry fiberglass pool?

Because they’re awesome, that’s why! If you’ve been thinking about creating an amazing retreat in your backyard that will be a place for your family and friends to relax, enjoy and make memories that will last a lifetime, a zero entry fiberglass pool is the perfect way to do that. It’s all the joy of a day at the beach, minus the drive, the lugging of the bags, coolers and blankets, and of course, the sand in your swimsuit bottoms! Check out the fabulous options available in beach entry fiberglass pools today and make your perfect day at the beach merely steps away.

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