How to Open an Inground Pool

Ready to celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures by opening your pool? Making sure you’re ready to entertain is probably on top of your list, and there are some things you can do to make sure it goes smoothly. Here is a simple guide on how to open an inground pool:


  1. Remove the cover. Prevent any of what’s on top from getting in the water by brushing away debris and taking a squeegee to any standing water. Then remove the winter cover in large folds. Set it aside to dry before folding completely. If your cover is automatic, just brush it off and flip the switch!
  2. Check the water level. You’ll want the water level ½ to ¾ of the way up on the pool skimmer.
  3. Remove debris from around pool equipment that may have accumulated during the winter months.
  4. Get your pool equipment running, and let your pool water circulate for 12 to 24 hours. Is your pump giving you problems? Here’s a helpful blog post on troubleshooting pump issues.
  5. After you’ve allowed water to circulate, clean out your skimmer baskets and test the water.  Adjust the chemistry as needed until you’ve achieved proper balance. Consult your manual or other available guidance, including a pool professional, if you’re not yet familiar with pool chemistry basics. (Make sure you are using good testing reagents. Water test kit reagents should be replaced each year.)
  6. Time for a thorough clean. Wipe down the water line, brush down the pool walls and vacuum the pool bottom. Pondering which vacuum to use?
  7. Set out the furniture and accessories. Make sure everything is clean and in good, safe working order.
  8. Beautify. Before you declare the pool officially open, add some inspiration. Check out our Style Guide and Pinterest page.
  9. Ready, Set, Go! Ring the bell, make the call – do whatever you need to get your crew to the pool to celebrate opening day of pool season.
  10. Keep it going. An inground fiberglass pool requires some regular care to keep it performing year after year.


Hopefully after reading these simple steps, you know more about how to open an inground pool. And you’ll be sipping soda 😉 poolside with your friends and loved ones all season long.