5 Ways To Create an Amazing Backyard Getaway With a Sunken Living Area Fiberglass Pool

Want a pool with sunken seating areas? Inground pool designs come in many styles, shapes, and sizes, but the world’s only Sunken Living Area Fiberglass Pool, Cortona, is available only from Thursday Pools. Here are five experiences that may inspire your perfect backyard getaway.


1. The Family that plays together, stays together.

pool with sunken seating area If family dinners never get dull, your kids’ friends call you “Mom,” and your neighbors don’t even knock before entering, then you’ll love the sunken sitting area that comes standard within the Cortona.


pool with sunken seating area


The Cortona’s sunken seating design provides plenty of room for those who want to stay dry while providing ample room for the kids to play whatever water activities their hearts desire.



pool with sunken seating area


The seating area comfortably accommodates six large adults, and best of all, you can accessorize it to make it uniquely yours. 

But accessorizing doesn’t have to break the bank. With some great finds from our friends at IKEA, you can currently purchase inner cushions from $3.99 and pillow covers for the same low price.  Here are a few of our favorites.

pool with sunken seating areapool with sunken seating areapool with sunken seating areapool with sunken seating area


There are so many different ways you can decorate your backyard oasis. Maybe you’ll want to create a luxurious southern pacific style, or perhaps you prefer the simplicity of modern architecture. No matter what feeling you are trying to create, your decor can help you achieve it.

pool with sunken seating areaLet’s say you want to create a laid-back, California style setting. Frame your sunken seating area with durable woods in dark to medium tones and accent with vibrant fabric colors. 


For lighting, look for classic Edison bulbs and festive Tiki torches to complete the relaxed feeling. Play some reggae or blues music through the speakers, and kick back! With Cortona, chilling with your loved ones at home will be your favorite getaway.




pool with sunken seating area2. The Gourmands

If the Food Network is your go-to, must-see TV, and your favorite way to spend the weekend is living elegantly, trying out new recipes and enjoying great food, you’re what we call a gourmand.



pool with sunken seating areaWhen you’re entertaining, you pull out all the stops, and the Cortana’s sunken seating area provides a great space for a chill evening with friends and great food. Your dinner parties will take on a whole new level of extraordinary when your beautiful table setting is surrounded by sparkling water.



pool with sunken seating area


The foodie in you is going to need to consider an outdoor chef’s corner with a Viking range that makes big entertaining a whole lot more convenient. With this setup, carrying food to the table won’t interfere with your time together.





pool with sunken seating areaIf great conversation along with great food drives your passion for life, then you might consider creating an elegant space around your Cortona by choosing natural stone or earth-tone tile finishes to create a timeless, sophisticated look. 

Upholster your dining seats with a neutral fabric so you can change the accent colors in your pillows and tablecloths to suit any theme.

Select a subtle lighting option that illuminates the space under your sunken living area table for a dramatic look. And add to the ambiance by floating water-safe candles in your pool.

For overhead lighting and warmth, bring in free-standing heaters, and string sparkling white lights through trees, awnings or your pergola, if you have one. Pipe some Diana Krall music through your speakers, and your party will be memorable, pleasant, and perfect.

Together your space and your new Cortona, Sunken Living Area Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools bring the Gourmands’ experience to life outdoors.



3. The Zen Masterspool with sunken seating area

With full-time jobs, busy social calendars, and a never-ending sense of being over-committed, you yearn for space where you can truly unplug, and find your bliss. Collapsing on the couch with a cup of tea on Friday night doesn’t seem sufficient reward for everything you’ve accomplished throughout the week.


pool with sunken seating areaHonor your hard work with an ultimate resort experience. With Cortona, you can use the sunken living area as a luxurious spa and enjoy your evenings and weekends alternating between dips in the refreshingly cool water and hot water soaks.

Soothing colors are essential to creating a blissful experience. Choose aqua blues and pale greens for your furniture and surrounding decor to create a calming feel. Add in lots of throw pillows and bolsters, along with candles and globe lighting for beautiful serenity. 

pool with sunken seating area


An Oriental feel to your landscaping will also set the scene, so choose bamboo trees and tall grasses for landscaping. And if you really want to take luxury to the limit, Outfit your spa with glass tile trim for a true resort feel.

Choose soothing instrumental music that takes your mind off your to-do list and helps you push the reset button for the days and weeks to come.

For the Zen Masters, Cortona makes finding a little peace easy like a Sunday morning.





4. The Party People

pool with sunken seating area

You: “Hey, I was thinking of having a few people over this weekend.”
Your spouse: “And, how is that different from any other weekend?”

To say you love a party is an understatement. You figure if two is company, twenty is better! Life is meant to be enjoyed with friends. Some of them have kids. Some of them don’t, but everyone really likes to have a good time. And most of the time, they do that at YOUR house. It’s all good. You’re always looking for new ideas–new ways to make your parties more special, more memorable, and just more fun.


pool with sunken seating area

Cortona brings all the fun your friends are going to need. Everyone will love being in your pool, and with a fully stocked swim-up bar, no one will have to leave the pool to get a refreshing beverage! Not only will you be able to bring your favorite people together, but your parties will be off the charts memorable.




pool with sunken seating area To capture that upscale and fun expectation you’ve set for your guests, create a vibrant, modern space. In addition to your impressive sunken living area, design the remainder of your outdoor space to lend itself to entertaining. Choose sectional outdoor furniture that’s flexible enough to accommodate most any size group.

For a sophisticated look that lends itself to a wide variety of themes, choose black or gray upholstery, and outfit your swim-up bar with sleek, metallic trim.

For lighting, choose LED lights that allow you to select custom colors, both in your pool and under the counter of your sunken bar area. Crank some Top-40 music from your speakers, and every day can feel like the weekend!

For the party people in the house, Cortona might have you leaving the lights on too long, but those are nights that become a legend with your friends.



5. The Birdies and Eagles

pool with sunken seating areaFor you, it’s hard to imagine a day away from the course. The serene setting of nature and a formidable game that challenges the focus of your mind. Why not bring a piece of that experience to your backyard? Believe it or not, Cortona can deliver that too. 

pool with sunken seating area



Practice your short game with your favorite family member, challenge a group of friends to a putting contest, or enjoy a view that is reminiscent of the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass. (We might be slightly exaggerating, but it might be the best water hole in your neighborhood.) Practice long enough, and it will be all eagles and birdies for you. 

Hopefully, these five experiences have inspired you to create a backyard getaway that’s uniquely your own. Thursday Pools offers the industry’s most elegantly crafted fiberglass pools, and we’ll help you find one that fits your budget. If you’re wondering what an inground fiberglass pool costs, this post will help you learn more

Still not sure if Cortona is right for you? That’s okay. Check out our other designs. There are so many great choices available today, and they just keep getting better. If you’re ready to take the plunge with a new inground fiberglass pool, get an estimate today.


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