Experience Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous with our Sunken Living Area Fiberglass Pool.

sunken living area fiberglass poolIn the 80s, television host Robin Leach was the unchallenged authority on wealth, prestige and success. From Luciano Pavarotti to Sly Stallone, Leach dazzled us with how life’s winners lived, loved and spent their fortunes. Today, luxurious living can be found in your backyard with Thursday Pools’ newest fiberglass swimming pool option, Cortona, the world’s first and only sunken living area fiberglass pool. 

You and your family will enjoy what is arguably one of the greatest innovations in inground pools. With the sunken living area positioned as the centerpiece of your ultimate backyard oasis, prepare to be the envy of your neighbors.

What inspired us to give you a truly unique backyard experience to entertain your guests?

Houzz and Realtor.com attribute the origin of the sunken living room to Bruce Goff, a Kansas born architect who designed a house for his teacher in 1927. Ranch style homes that were popular after World War II featured sunken living rooms that gave houses a distinctive look while giving the appearance of a higher ceiling and thus a larger living space.

sunken living area fiberglass pool

Maybe you’ve never thought about fiberglass pools having sunken living areas. We’re not surprised. We took our inspiration from resorts around the world, like those in Italy, Hawaii, and New Zealand, then looked for ways to make it work in a backyard setting.


So you might be wondering, is a sunken living room fiberglass pool right for you?  Here are a few reasons it might be: 

  1. You like being first. You always have the best and shiniest new toys.
  2. Like Queen, you want it all. With the sunken living area fiberglass pool, you don’t get just a pool, you get so much more! You can choose a sunken living area that creates resort-like experiences like a swim-up bar, a conversation or dining area, or a putting green for the ultimate in entertainment. If your yard is big, you have even more room for other landscaping features. If your yard is not so big, it’s a creative way to incorporate a lot of options in a small space.
  3. You crave an oasis of tranquility. If relaxation is what you’re after, order your sunken living room fiberglass pool with a built-in spa, instead. Think of the bliss of moving back and forth between the warm, bubbling water of your spa and the cool, refreshing, crystal clear water of your pool.

Take a look at the options the Cortona can bring to your backyard. See what our dealers saw last February during the unveiling of the world’s first sunken living area.  



Yeah, at Thursday Pools, we like to break it down like that. After all, having a fiberglass pool in your backyard should be all about getting your weekend started early. So let’s take a look at each of the amazing ways you can enjoy and customize your sunken living area fiberglass pool. 


Cortona gives you plenty of swimming space. sunken living area fiberglass pool

Getting into the pool is easy with walk-in steps that ease you into the water. Separate steps leading into the sunken living area will help your friends who want to stay dry avoid your friends who are overzealous about splashing around. There’s plenty of room for both! The dimensions of the pool are16’x40’x6’.  You’ll have some wide-open swim lanes with a designated area for entertainment and conversations.



Create a conversation space or an intimate setting for a memorable dinner with friends.

sunken living area fiberglass poolCooler summer evenings are great for a nice dinner with friends, surrounded by water without getting wet. The living area allows you to customize your pool to meet your personal tastes and create an outdoor space that your friends will say is “so you.” 

From picking your tabletop to adding custom tile and accessories, you can create a space that reminds you of a nice Bahama breeze or a cabana beachfront in Belize.


The empty-nesters in the group might like Cortona’s swim-up bar.

sunken living area fiberglass pool

Obviously, we’re not looking for a Daytona Spring Break experience here, but something that responsible adults can enjoy with a group of close friends or neighbors. Your own swim-up bar may remind you of that great honeymoon from years ago or that all-inclusive get-away that came at just the right time in your life. Thursday Pools does not advocate or encourage the excessive use of alcoholic beverages while enjoying your pool. Please drink responsibly and with moderation.


It’s in the hole!

sunken living area fiberglass poolThe golfer in your life will enjoy putting poolside while imagining the crowd going wild. Getting too hot on the green? No worries, just step into the cool water and enjoy a glorious swim.


When you’re hot, you’re hot. When you’re not, you’re not.

sunken living area fiberglass poolAt Thursday Pools, we always try to give our customers something to talk about. For those of you in the cooler northern climates like Michigan and Wisconsin, you might enjoy turning your sunken living area into a bubbly spa to keep you warm on those cool summer evenings. Whether you’re in a northern or southern state, we can all agree nothing beats the relaxing feel of a spa jet on your back after a long day’s work. 



There you have it … the super-cool characteristics of the Cortona, the  sunken living area fiberglass pool. You might have guessed by now that it may take a few more greenbacks to put this pool in your backyard. No worries, Thursday Pools offers the industry’s most elegantly crafted fiberglass pools, and we’ll help you find one that fits your budget. 

If you’re wondering what an inground fiberglass pool costs, this post will help you learn more.  

Still not sure if Cortona is right for you? That’s okay, check out our other designs. There are so many great choices available today, and they just keep getting better

If you’re ready to take the plunge with a new inground fiberglass pool, get an estimate today.