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As an exercise guru, you know how important it is to mix up your workout routine. You have more than enough space in your backyard for a large pool that would be perfect for swimming laps and improving your overall fitness.

Spirit 13.5′ x 40′

The Spirit is more than just the perfect place to relax; it is also great for swimming laps all day long.

Goliath 16′ x 41′

Big and beautiful is the only way to describe the Goliath. The length of the pool is made for swimming laps and training to become the next 200m gold medalist.

Monolith 16′ x 40′

The Monolith includes a large flat-bottomed shallow-end that is perfect for water aerobics. If you are looking to mix up your cardio workouts, the Monolith will help you do that by offering enough space for water aerobics as well as swimming laps.

Sun Day 16′ x 39′

The Sun Day is lovely, but make no mistake– it’s built for action! The large open swim areas are ideal for lap swimming or some friendly water competition.

Cathedral LX 16′ x 40′

The Cathedral LX will beckon you to dive in and get moving, and its gracious design will invite you to stick around and relax after a great workout.

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