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Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine Water Pool

Choosing how to sanitize your inground swimming pool can be confusing when you are comparing a salt water pool vs. chlorine water pool. Overall salt water pools and traditional chlorine pools are very similar. The differences lie in the method of adding chlorine to the pool. Salt systems use the dissolved salt in the pool […]

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How to Make Your Swimming Pool Pet-Friendly

Everyone in your family loves your swimming pool, but don’t forget about your pets too! Pets enjoy the water as much as people do. Keep your pets in mind and think about making your swimming pool pet-friendly. There are simple things you should consider when you are looking to make sure your pool is pet-friendly. […]

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Pool

You recently purchased a pool. You are super excited while you are expecting a pool. We are excited for you. The memories you will make around the pool with friends and family will be some of your most treasured. But until then, you have some construction work to get through. We believe setting expectations up […]

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How Long Does the Pool Installation Take?

Getting your inground pool installed in your backyard is an exciting time. We know you and your family are ready to get your swimsuits on and jump into your swimming pool. But just like it was a process to choose the right pool for you, it is a process to have an inground pool installed. […]

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How Geography Can Impact Your Inground Pool Installation

Your geographic location can impact your inground pool installation costs and materials. In some regions of the country, underground rock such as limestone is more prevalent than in other parts and can play a big part in your inground pool installation. Excavating rock often requires specialized equipment to break the rock into manageable pieces so […]

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Surround Your Swimming Pool with Plants

The surrounding plants and landscape around your swimming pool can either make or break your backyard being the place to be in the neighborhood. Different types of plants and flowers can help you create and achieve any style in your yard. There are three traits that plants produce in your backyard. They bring in color, […]

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