Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System

When you purchase a Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools, you get more than a warranty to protect your investment. Our patented Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™ sets the industry standard when it comes to giving you peace of mind about the investment you’re making.

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Lucky 7 Skimmer

Thursday Pools LLC is excited to introduce the Lucky 7 Skimmer, a skimmer explicitly designed for fiberglass pools. Our new skimmer design is manufactured with an improved 7-degree angle and mounting plate. The features of the Lucky 7 Skimmer make the skimmer easier to install, improves skimming function, optimizes water level, and provides a more polished look to a fiberglass pool.

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Backfill Eliminator

Tanning ledges are a dream for fiberglass pool owners and Thursday Pools builds some of the largest and strongest tanning ledges in the Industry. However, installation of fiberglass pools with built-in ledges has traditionally been a challenge. That’s why Thursday Pools is excited to introduce its patent-pending Backfill Eliminator, another innovation designed to make tanning ledges on a fiberglass pool sturdier, as well as easier and more economical to install.

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The World’s First Fiberglass Beach Entry Pool

A perfect day at the beach with the entire family doesn’t have to be something you only get to do on vacation anymore. Thursday Pools is thrilled to announce that we have created the world’s first beach entry fiberglass pool (utility and design patent pending.)

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