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Not all fiberglass pools are created equal. We stand behind ours. Honestly. With Integrity.

When it comes to investing in an inground fiberglass pool, it is important to consider the manufacturer’s fiberglass pool shell warranty. The substance behind our organization is our character. We were founded on and operate our organization by three guiding principles: Honesty, Integrity and Mutual Respect. You can feel comfortable and confident with your decision to choose a fiberglass pool manufactured by Thursday Pools because of the one thing you won’t find in our warranty is FINE PRINT. Our no gimmick warranty is easy to read and to understand.

We offer two warranties. We have our standard Lifetime Transferable Limited Warranty and our Lifetime FPA Transferable Warranty to accommodate pools that have our Fiberglass Anchoring System™. Ours is among the best fiberglass pool warranty in the industry.

Thursday Pools warrants the following:

  • Lifetime Fiberglass Pool Structural Warranty: A pool purchased from Thursday Pools LLC is warranted not to leak due to structural failures caused by workmanship and material used in the manufacturing for the Lifetime of the pool.
  • 15-Year Fiberglass Pool Surface Warranty: Thursday Pools warrants your pool surface from osmotic blistering for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase.
  • Drainable Fiberglass Pool Warranty: Thursday Pools offers the ONLY warranty on the market that allows your fiberglass pools to be drained and still maintain a valid structural warranty.* All manufacturers void your warranty if the water level in your pool drops below the skimmer.
    *Only available with our Fiberglass Anchoring System™

We understand that unexpected things can happen. Please know that Thursday Pools will do everything we can within reason to ensure your satisfaction with our product and you will always be treated with honesty, integrity and mutual respect.