Your Thursday Pool is built in our world-class manufacturing facility powered by the highest integrity and craftsmanship

Thursday Pools is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge innovations to the pool world. Thursday Pools designs and manufactures fiberglass pool shells that are handcrafted with the highest standards and craftsmanship.  Our one-piece inground fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing facility is based out of Fortville, Indiana.



Unique craftsmanship

At Thursday Pools, each pool is designed and tooled in-house by master craftsman who have been in the fiberglass composite industry for over 30 years. Each step and bench is perfectly placed. We don’t use a shotgun approach to design, only a focused and collaborative effort with our dealers to produce a stunning and functional design. The mold sets the foundation for which all pools will be produced, and we want complete control over it, from our house to yours.


Pool perfection

Your fiberglass pool will only be as perfect as the mold that is used to produce it. All our molds have a complete steel substructure and our pools are produced in a hospital-like, clean environment. This ensures that not only does your pool will have a spotless finish, but is laser straight, solid and will last a lifetime.

Proprietary texture

We know that the first step in your fiberglass pool is the most important. You want that first step to be solid and safe. That is why we treat the surface of those steps with just as much scrutiny as we do the mirror finish that we put on the rest of the pool surface. We add honeycomb strengthening core underneath our stairs, seats, and ledges to guarantee a solid feel every time you step into the pool. Our proprietary process from which we apply our consistent, non-abrasive, non-skid surface to all steps and benches keeps you and your family safe and bathing suits left snag-free.

Pool surface

Thursday Pools surface is absolutely eye-catching, spectacular and stunning. Our pool surface gel coat is designed to last and look luxurious while doing it. Thursday Pools uses the best gel coat on the market. In fact, according to CCP Composites, one of the World’s largest and oldest manufacturers of gel coat, with a Thursday Pool you can feel confident in your purchase knowing that your pool surface is one of the most tested and reputable on the market. We don’t spend money on marketing gimmicks, just on quality ingredients.


Beyond the surface

Underneath your pool’s surface is where the true measure of quality construction takes place. Here, it will be determined if your pool cracks, hazes, blisters, or breaks. It is where the quality ingredients count most and where we do not cut corners by adding fillers such as ceramic or calcium carbonate. Adding any type of filler will only decrease the structural properties and negatively affect the integrity of the surface. A 100 percent Vinyl Ester Barrier Coat prevents any potential blistering and absolutely protects the surface finish of your pool.

After the barrier coat, we use multiple layers of fiberglass from Owens Corning, the inventors of fiberglass. Manufactured in North America, our fiberglass is combined with 100 percent resin and no fillers. Despite the costs and time involved, Thursday Pools uses both equipment-applied chopped fiberglass and hand-laid applied woven roving fiberglass. To get the optimal physical properties that a fiberglass pool requires, you use both chopped and hand-laid methods.

Tinted resin or a painted exterior will NEVER be used on a Thursday Pool. Tinted resin or paint cover up trapped air and other imperfections. Tinted resin reduces the ability of the operators to see trapped air in the manufacturing process, thus reducing the integrity of the structure.

360-degrees of strength

Thursday Pools adds vertical and horizontal supports throughout the pool by using a tubular construction method and a honeycomb core. This construction technique is applied to all horizontal surfaces such as steps, benches, and tanning ledges, and vertically along the pool wall. We finish the pool by adding 360-degrees around the pool coping. These additions ensure you step into the pool is solid for years to come and provides additional rigidity and strength to the pool for an easy and flawless installation.


Our strategic partnerships support the Thursday Pools excellence in product quality and satisfaction

Automatic Pool Covers Inc., located in Westfield, Ind., has been enhancing inground fiberglass swimming pool experiences by creating a safer swimming environment for over 25 years. The automatic safety cover opens and closes in less than 60 seconds, and provides the premier year-round safety solution for the protection of children in pool areas. Additional benefits include heat retention, reduced chemical evaporation, and an overall cleaner pool.

Chem-Trend creates products that help companies become more efficient, produce higher-quality products while reducing waste and overall cost. Chem-Trend supports their partners with over 50 years in manufacturing business around the world.

Interplastic Corporation is a specialty chemical company with headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. Its Thermoset Resins Division focuses on the production and distribution of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins, gel coats, and colorants for the composites and cast polymer industries. Its Molding Products Division is a leader in the production of sheet molding compounds and other thermoset molding materials. Interplastic’s North American Composites (NAC) subsidiary is a national, full-service supplier to these same industries.

Plascore is a global manufacturer of honeycomb core, honeycomb panels and composite structures. Plascore honeycomb core is utilized best wherever high strength-to-weight ratio, energy absorption or directional qualities are desired. Wherever there is a need for greater structural strength with less weight, you will find Plascore honeycomb core which makes it a perfect addition to our Composite Sandwich of Awesomeness.

Owens Corning has been a market leading leader of glass fiber technology since 1938. Owens Corning has been a Fortune 500 company for 58 years. They redefine what is possible in high technology products throughout the world.