5 Tips for a great backyard swimming pool design.

1. Think outside the box. Think outside the pool. The pool is just the beginning. Don’t just slap a pool in the backyard and add a 3′ to 6′ border of concrete around the pool. One client I visited with was so disappointed when the pool was finished because they realized their large 2-story home kept the pool in the shade until late afternoon everyday. When and where is the sun going to shine on your backyard? Ensure that you have thought about that and planned out patio areas for sunning and cooling off in the shade.

2. Add a water feature. We all have a fascination with moving water and the sound can sooth our soul.  Adding a water feature to your swimming can create a whole new outdoor environment that allows you to enjoy your backyard swimming pool without even being in your swimsuit. If a water feature isn’t in the swimming pool budget, for minimal cost your dealer can pre-plumb your pool to accommodate for a future water feature.

3. Where the pool ends -the patio begins. Most people think picking out the pool design is the hard part, but designing the perfect patio can be tedious and time-consuming. It is the space that will be used the most, so don’t take it lightly. Think about the different sitting areas you want to have and ensure you have the proper amount of patio space to accommodate them. Most pool loungers are 6 feet so you want at least a 9′ patio area. Patio furniture, outdoor dining tables, and conversation sets come in a lot of different sizes, the minimum area for a standard patio table and chairs is 8 to 10 feet. Just make sure that you and your guests have a nice wide walkway between the any patio furniture and waters edge. Check out some of our pool patio ideas and pins on Pinterest.

4. Add a fire pit. The latest trend in outdoor living is the classic fire pit and it is a great addition to any poolside patio. Most fire pits are designed 3 to 4′ in diameter. Keep in mind any wood burning fire pits should be kept at least 10 feet from waters edge especially if the pool has an automatic safety cover. You don’t want sparks to fly and land on the cover fabric. Click to see some cool fire pits.

5. Create a private pool environment. Privacy is sometimes hard to come by in these growing neighborhoods. A good landscape designer can come up with some creative ways to provide your pool paradise with some privacy. Strategically placed evergreens, arbors, and landscape mounds are just some examples. Just be sure that your new in ground swimming pool paradise cannot be ruined by a neighbor who suddenly becomes a peeping tom. We want you and your family to get the most out of your new backyard vacation spot and privacy is definitely a must.