Maintenance Issues with Fiberglass Pools

Good news! Fiberglass pools are relatively low maintenance in comparison to other inground pools. The biggest maintenance issues with a fiberglass pool are keeping the water chemistry in balance and your water line clean. Both of these concerns are easy to handle if kept up with on a regular basis. We recommend that both issues should be maintained on a weekly basis for a fiberglass pool.  

Balanced water chemistry is not only important for the health and safety of your family, but also for protecting the investment you have made in your fiberglass pool. Water chemistry is critical to all aspects of your fiberglass pool not just your fiberglass pool shell. Poor water chemistry can be harmful to your pools surface, along with your swimming pool equipment, automatic safety cover, handrails, heater, etc. To ensure you protect the surface finish of your fiberglass pool, you must maintain a properly balanced pool at all times. We recommend the following as ideal ranges for your water chemistry:

Free Chlorine Residual: 1.0 –3.0 ppm
pH Level: 7.2 –7.6 ppm
Total Alkalinity: 80 –120 ppm
Calcium Hardness: 200 –400 ppm
Cyanuric Acid (Chlorine Stabilizer): 30 –50 ppm
Metals: 0 ppm

Remember, having crystal clear water does not necessarily mean that you have balanced water. You should check your water chemistry levels regularly. The recommendation is that you should test and record your water chemistry levels at least once a week and adjust accordingly. If you have trouble maintaining your water chemistry, it may require you to consult with a pool expert and check it daily until the issue is resolved and you are back on track.

The water line is the line at which your water level rests much of the time. The water line is also where body oils, suntan lotions, and airborne contaminants can sometimes build up on the pool surface. These can be easily wiped away using a mild detergent, fiberglass or vinyl cleaner.  You should maintain the water line by wiping it down on a weekly basis. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, automatic dish detergent, steel wool, metal scrapers or other brushes or tools; they can cause permanent damage to the gel coat finish of the fiberglass pool.

In summary, as a fiberglass pool owner, it is important to balance your pool water chemistry and wipe down your water line on a weekly basis. This low maintenance fiberglass pool routine should only take you minutes a week. Squeezing in this small weekly maintenance routine into your busy schedule will help prevent major issues associated with poor water chemistry and pool neglect. If you are concerned about maintaining your fiberglass pool yourself, you may find it well worth your investment to hire a professional. Most pool service companies and some of our Independent Dealers provide different options and levels of routine pool service care and maintenance.