Five Tips to Create an Amazing Fiberglass Swimming Pool Oasis

Inground fiberglass pools are a great way to relax with your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to refresh your existing backyard pool oasis or build a new one, you’ll find plenty of ideas here to ignite your imagination. 

If you’re already a proud fiberglass pool owner, you’ll want to skip the first tip. For those of you who are still considering which fiberglass pool design might be best for your backyard, start at the beginning.

TIP ONE: Select a fiberglass pool design that best suits the experience you want to create.

If you’re after the ultimate entertaining space with an intimate conversation area right inside your pool, you’ll love the Cortona. But if you prefer a beach-style staycation, you should check out Sandal, a true beach entry fiberglass pool design (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). Or maybe you’re a free spirit who loves the style of a freeform like the Wellspring  or something with modern elegance like the popular Aspen design. No matter the case, you can find almost any one of our fiberglass pools to fit your lifestyle here. 


TIP TWO: Refresh an existing backyard pool oasis with boho chic. 

Boho chic is a mix of bohemian and hippie styles popularized by celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. Today, boho chic is popular both in clothing and decor. To capture this laid-back, artsy feeling, choose bright patterns and flowy, comfy fabrics, and don’t worry so much about “matching.” Check out some inspiration on Pinterest.


TIP THREE: Create a warm, chic conversation area next to your pool. 

The best way to extend your swim season is to add features that warm up your pool area so you can still enjoy your fiberglass swimming pool on cooler days and chilly nights. There are loads of ways to stay toasty around the pool, like adding a firepit or a couple of elegant-looking freestanding heaters to create a warm glow. You can even add a spa to your fiberglass inground pool for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. 






TIP FOUR: Enjoy the sun and throw some shade. 

As you’re planning the area surrounding your inground fiberglass pool, consider the sunny and shady spots in your backyard. Think about what time of day your house shades your yard and whether or not you have mature trees that might impede your ability to enjoy your tanning ledge. If you want more shade, you can always add a pergola, awning, umbrellas, or other landscaping.

Pictured above: the Cathedral LX with a tanning ledge for sun and umbrellas and landscaping for shade


TIP FIVE: Include ample patio space. 

Consider the number of people you envision sharing your backyard swimming pool oasis, and make sure you’ve included ample space for everyone.

If you’re planning to throw pool parties, you might want to increase the square footage of your patio. Most chaise lounges are six feet long, so you’ll need at least nine feet of patio space to allow swimmers to walk around them. You should also allow eight to ten square feet for a standard size dining table and chairs.





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There are many cool pool patio options, so you can finish your pool patio in a style that complements the rest of your space and furnishings. 

If you create a living space that’s just as comfortable and well-designed as your indoor living area, you might find yourself spending more time out by the pool than inside the house. You may even get the whole family to unplug, get some exercise, and spend some quality family time together.




BONUS TIP: Set the mood with water features and specialty lighting. 

There are some great options for customizing your inground pool area using water features like bubblers and waterfalls. The sound of trickling or falling water creates a calming effect, and the bubbling water is fun for kids to splash and play in. Whether you want drama or tranquility, you can alter the mood using in-pool LED lighting. So, ask your pool builder for some suggestions of water features and specialty lighting that will make your backyard oasis truly unique. 


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