Invigorating Family Fun Starts with our Aspen Pool Design

Introducing the Thursday Pools Aspen Design

Run DMC sang, “It’s tricky to rock a rhyme.” And like rocking a rhyme, choosing the right pool for your backyard can be tricky. This post is the first in a series we’ll be sharing to help make it easier to choose a pool that fits your family’s personality. So, say hello to our little friend that’s not so little, the Aspen.


thursday pools aspen

The Thursday Pools Aspen promises more than a Rocky Mountain high.

Like its namesake, Aspen, Colorado, Aspen provides your family with ample space for playing in the sun or relaxing poolside with a glass of wine, or enjoying a sunset that rains fire in the sky.

It’s one of our most popular fiberglass inground pool designs. Why? Some say it’s because it brings together many of the best built-in features available in one awesome design.

We think it’s versatile. It provides family fun, improves the appearance of your backyard, and provides a setting for socializing or relaxing. If that’s not enough, you’ll also have plenty of space to swim a few laps and maintain those toned abs that make your friends jealous. After all, what pool doesn’t go well with a six-pack?

Take a glimpse at what your backyard will look like with the Thursday Pools Aspen.


You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, then what’s a video worth? See for yourself.

Let’s look at the features that make this pool such a crowd-pleaser.

  • A huge 12” deep tanning ledge. If soaking up some summer sun like a bronze goddess is your thing, you’ll dig this ledge that provides room for a couple of ledge loungers, while leaving plenty of space for swimmers to enter and exit the pool. Plus, depending on your water level, you’ll be able to cool off in six to eight inches of water while basking in the sun.
  • Full-length steps and an extended bench. Sometimes even the bronze goddess just has to get cool. The gracefully curving steps that stretch across the width of the pool lead to an extended bench. Together, they offer easy entry and exit from the pool, as well as a nice spot to enjoy a cocktail or engage in great conversation.
  • Wide-open swim area. Remember that six-pack we referenced. You’ll have plenty of room to work on yours. The Aspen pool design gives you loads of wide-open swim space and is ideal for swimming laps.
  • Courtesy ledge throughout the deep-end. Some say courtesy leads to friendship. These courtesy ledges will give your neighbors a nice place to take a break from swimming. Inviting the right neighbors over is up to you.
  • Dual, deep-end swim-outs and benches. Your family members will love these deep-end seats. Each one is a perfect solo perch for sun-worshipping, relaxing, or watching other swimmers do their thing.
  • Auto-cover ready. Automatic pool safety covers are a fabulous choice for fiberglass inground pool owners. They ensure that no one can enter the pool without your knowledge, they offer less pool maintenance, and they lower your pool maintenance costs.
  • Non-skid surface throughout. All Thursday Pools fiberglass pool designs feature our exclusive gel coat finish. It’s non-skid, so you can be assured that swimmers of all ages can safely get in and out of the pool. It’s also impervious to algae, which means easier maintenance and fewer chemicals. And it’s easy on swimmers’ bare feet, pet’s paws, and swimsuits!


The Thursday Pools Aspen design is available in five sizes:

  • 12’ x 25.5’, depth TBA Coming in the Fall of 2020
  • 14’ x 30’, with a depth of 5’6” Coming in June 2020
  • 14’ x 35’, with a depth of 5’6”
  • 16’ x 35’, with a depth of 5’6”
  • 16’ x 40’, with a depth of 5’10”


Take a 360 tour of the Aspen pool design.

See where the water will hit your waist from different areas of the pool.

No matter your height, our wet tours will give you a sense of what it feels like as you enjoy every aspect of the Aspen.



How much does the Thursday Pools Aspen fiberglass inground pool cost?

Fiberglass inground pool prices will vary based on a variety of factors, including where you live and how accessible your yard is. You’ll need to contact a Thursday Pools dealer near you for an estimate, but for a ballpark estimate, plan on about $1500 per foot of pool length, installed. To get an idea of the costs for your own inground pool project, use our handy Pool Cost Calculator.


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