How Much More Does a Beach Entry Pool Design Cost?

Are you a beach lover? Have you ever sprung for a vacation destination just a few short steps from the beach? What if you could bring that beach vacation to your very own backyard? Well, you can, with a beach entry fiberglass pool (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). But unlike that expensive vacation, with a beach-entry option, you only pay around 15 percent more for the experience and can enjoy it year in and year out. 

Sandal Beach Entry Fiberglass PoolOnce only an option in high-end resorts and in custom gunite pools, inground fiberglass beach entry pools are available now. And while they might seem like an expensive luxury, the fact is, they’re absolutely affordable (and much cheaper than buying a house on the beach!). Here are some facts about just how affordable it is to turn that fiberglass pool into a truly unique oasis with a beach entry that will bring the shore to your door every day this summer.

  1. Small, medium, or large? It’s simply a question of time and materials. As a simple guideline, a typical fiberglass pool cost is $1000-$1500 per linear foot installed.
  2. A simple splash or fully loaded? The cost of fiberglass pools also varies by design. Along with a nice selection of sizes, fiberglass pools come in an amazing array of shapes, both rectangular and freeform. Options like tanning ledges, water features, built-in benches, illumination, and automatic pool covers add comfort as well as convenience, but these can also add 15 to 25 percent to the finished cost.
  3. Bring on the beach. For the shell alone, the elegance and fun of a fiberglass beach entry pool will run only about 13-15 percent more than a fiberglass pool design of similar size or shape. The additional materials, labor, and site work will also add a little more to the installation costs. But in the long run, it’s an investment that will pay big dividends in year-round fun and enjoyment.

Ready to get more information? Your local pool building expert can help you find the pool that’s right for you.