How Much More Does a Beach Entry Pool Design Cost?

If you’re a beach lover, how much more would you be willing to spend on a vacation where you could be just a few short steps from the beach? 25 percent more? 50 percent more? Double? What if you could bring the bliss of a beach vacation to your very own backyard with a beach entry fiberglass pool for less than 15 percent more than the cost of a standard fiberglass pool? Well, now you can.

Once only an option in high-end resorts and in custom gunite pools, beach entry inground fiberglass pools have recently become much more affordable and available with the invention of the world’s first beach entry fiberglass pool designs. While they might look outrageously expensive and might seem like a luxury that’s out of reach, the fact is, they’re absolutely affordable (and much cheaper than buying a house on the beach!) Here are some facts about inground fiberglass pool cost and how much more you might spend to turn that fiberglass pool into a truly unique oasis with a beach entry that will bring the shore to your door every day this summer.

  1. Small, medium or large? Just as a “tall” coffee is less expensive than a “venti,” a small inground fiberglass pool will cost you less than a large one. It’s simply a question of time and materials. As a simple guideline, a typical fiberglass pool cost is $1000-$1500 per linear foot, installed.
  2. A simple splash or fully loaded? The cost of fiberglass pools also varies by design. Along with a nice selection of sizes, fiberglass pools come in an amazing array of shapes, both rectangular and freeform. With loads of optional add-ons like tanning ledges, water features, built-in benches and automatic pool covers, as well as optional innovations such as the Backfill Eliminator®, the overall finished cost may potentially rise an additional 15 to 25 percent.
  3. Bring on the beach. For the shell alone, the elegance and fun of a beach entry fiberglass pool will run only about 13-15 percent more than a fiberglass pool design of similar size or shape. However, your pool builder will also incur extra costs associated with installing a beach entry design, as these pools require a few more materials, labor and site work than a standard inground fiberglass pool design.

There are currently only two beach entry fiberglass pools available on the market. The freeform beach entry fiberglass pool is called Sandal, and it’s based on a lovely Thursday Pools design called the Sun Day. The rectangular beach entry fiberglass pool is named Grace, and it was inspired by a wildly popular inground fiberglass pool design named Aspen. Both of these beach entry pool designs are only about 13 percent more than their traditional entry siblings, so for just a slight increase in your pool’s financing budget, you can create your own backyard beach experience. Once you’ve chosen the beach entry design that suits your personality and your space, the only decision left to make is which beach you want to live on?

Ready to get more information? Your first step is to contact a pool dealer near you. Your local pool building expert can help you understand exactly how much pool your yard can accommodate, which pool design is right for your family and whether or not a beach entry pool is the pool for you.

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