Splendor, Enjoyment, and Relaxation are Yours With the Cathedral LX Inground Fiberglass Pool

If you’re an aficionado of Greco-Roman style architecture, you’ll immediately notice that the centerpiece tanning ledge and walk-in stairs combine to create a stately and classical posture for this elegant, medium-size pool. But don’t let this pool design’s grand presence fool you, there’s still plenty of room for fun in the sun.

The personality this pool takes depends a lot on your style.



As you’re exploring the lifestyle that fits you, you’ll want to consider how your pool deck and the amenities that surround it will enhance the experience you’re seeking. Whether you’re a backyard fire pit kind of gal, a pergola-with-a-fireplace lover, or a purist who thinks pool areas are for sun-time, you’ll find the Cathedral LX fiberglass pool design amenable.

One thing’s for sure, this pool’s tanning ledge is all about bringing out the sun god or goddess in you. 

Check out the unique features of this fiberglass pool design.

Learn more about the water depth, the bench seating, and what your backyard could look like with the Cathedral LX.

Let’s explore the features that make this pool a customer favorite. 

      1. A nine-foot diameter sun shelf to keep you cool and your tan dark. This ledge is for those who love a relaxing day soaking up the rays. The only real decision you’ll have to make is which Ledge Lounger chaise suits you best.
      2. Ample Swim and Play Area. Sure, it might be hard to pull you off the tanning ledge, but there’s no shortage of space for pool games or a refreshing swim to stay in shape.
      3. The deep-end bench provides a gathering place for your guests to chat, soak, and unwind.
      4. Wide entry/exit steps that double as a bench are perfect for sunning, conversation, and for enjoying pool time with little ones who need to stay in shallow areas.
      5. Auto-cover ready. Automatic pool safety covers are a fabulous choice for fiberglass inground pool owners. They ensure that no one can enter the pool without your knowledge, they offer less pool maintenance, and they lower your pool maintenance costs.
      6. Non-skid surface throughout. All Thursday Pools fiberglass pool designs feature our exclusive gel coat finish. It’s non-skid, so you can be assured that swimmers of all ages can safely get in and out of the pool. It’s also impervious to algae, which means easier maintenance and fewer chemicals. Plus, it’s easy on swimmers’ bare feet, pet paws, and swimsuits!

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Our Cathedral LX fiberglass pool is available in two sizes: 

  • 16’ x 36’ x 5’8”

  • 16’ x 40’ x 6’

Take a 360 tour of the Cathedral LX pool design. 

See where the water rests from different areas of the pool. 

No matter your height, our wet tours will give you a sense of where the water will hit you in this classically designed fiberglass inground pool.

How much will the Cathedral LX inground pool cost?

As you might know, pool prices will vary based on many factors, such as where you live and the accessibility of your yard. It’s usually safe to guess about $1,500 per foot of pool length for your planning purposes. You can also use our handy Pool Cost Calculator to get a rough idea of the cost you might pay for your inground pool project,.


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