How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost in Georgia?

Who wouldn’t love the grace and warmth of the Peachtree State? A pool and backyard deck is perfect for entertaining, a great way to keep the kids busy and happy, and a welcome retreat from the bustle of modern life. And the sunny, laid-back vibe of Georgia is perfect for the backyard pool. Fiberglass pools come in sizes and shapes that match the Georgian lifestyles and complement your home’s architectural and landscape design. So, to explore the answer to “how much does a fiberglass pool cost in Georgia?,” let’s discuss pricing, supported by some specific pool examples and some tools you can use in the selection process to decide what’s suitable for your Georgia home. 

Is a fiberglass pool worth the money?

The rapid innovation in fiberglass pool design and manufacturing has made it the hottest pool type on the market. A few of the advantages of fiberglass pools when compared to vinyl-lined or gunite(concrete) include: 

  • They’re beautiful. The deep color of the fiberglass shell, accented by a tile border or your decking material, will sparkle in the Georgia sunlight. But does a pool add value to a home in Georgia? Yes! A fiberglass pool does add to your home’s value with its sturdiness and long-lasting beauty. 
  • It’s lower maintenance. A fiberglass pool requires maintenance, but it requires less maintenance than gunite or vinyl-lined pools. A fiberglass pool is less prone to attract algae than gunite or vinyl-lined pools. 
  • It’s built for Georgia’s red clay soil. Georgia’s red clay soil retains moisture and is slow to drain. As a result, it can shrink and swell during temperature swings and groundwater pressure will react accordingly. A high-quality fiberglass pool is equipped to withstand these changes by design and through innovations like the Geo-Anchoring Pool System.    

How much does a fiberglass inground pool cost in Georgia, on average? 

That’s a good approach. Each pool installation is different, so it’s helpful to look at some averages and examples. In the Sunbelt states, gunite pools have been popular historically because of lower installation costs. However, fiberglass pools have gained popularity nationwide and show no signs of slowing down. Dealers and owners love fiberglass pools for their durability, great looks and lower lifetime maintenance costs. 

How much does it cost to put in a fiberglass pool?

The easiest way to pin down the cost of your pool is to contact a Thursday Pools dealer near you and ask for a quote. However, if you are just ramping up your research and need some ballpark figures, a number a dealer might start with is $1,500 per linear foot. Now, let’s do some math with some Thursday Pools designs to illustrate for you how much a fiberglass pool costs in Georgia. 


Cathedral takes the classic rectangular-shaped backyard pool and elevates it with the simple, graceful curve of a Roman arch. With its distinctive look and wide-open swim space, Cathedral invites you in to entertain, relax and rejuvenate. Cathedral is 14’ x 33’ 5”. At an average cost of $1,500/linear foot, the ballpark for a basic installation is $50,250. 

Experience the Upscale, Traditional Design of Cathedral 

Sun Day

Curvacious! The freeform design of the Sun Day is perfect for sun worshippers. It’s elegant and organic. It feels like it was built for relaxing in the long, hot Georgia summer days. The largest option for Sun Day is 16’ x 39’ 6’. At $1,500 per linear foot, this installation is estimated to cost $59,400. 

The Sun Day Brings a Smile to Your Face. See How. 

Sea Turtle

What creature fits your smaller or uniquely shaped outdoor space? Sea Turtle might be the one! Despite its small footprint, Sea Turtle stands out with wraparound benches flanking the entry steps. It works as a great backyard getaway and landscape accent. The medium-depth Sea Turtle comes in one size, 9.5’ x 19.5’. Using a ballpark of $1,500 per linear foot, this estimates to be about $30,000.  

What does basic fiberglass pool installation include? 

Certain things may be assumed to be included in a basic installation. In some regions, an automatic pool cover may be considered essential and part of any estimate. In some regions, there may be geographic or topographic considerations that play into every estimate. And, frequently, there are municipal or state codes that require certain safety accommodations like fencing at every pool. 

If you’re looking into the question of “how much does a fiberglass pool cost in Georgia?,” you want to make sure you’re talking about your part of Georgia—your town, your neighborhood, your dealer. So it’s always best to talk to a fiberglass pool dealer near you to know what’s included and what’s not included. 

Speaking of what is or isn’t included, Georgia regulations require a barrier fence at least four feet tall with no openings greater than four inches. Fencing is one example of costs that might not immediately come to mind when estimating the installation of a pool. It makes sense to do your homework and suss out all the factors.

Getting Your Pad of Paper and Pencil Out

As you do your own research, you can get a sense of which way you want to go based on your backyard size and shape, your budget, your lifestyle and how you intend to enjoy your pool. A few tools you can use include our inground pool cost estimator, the Pool Cost Calculator. And you can further narrow your selection with the Pool Selector Tool. In just a few minutes of use, you can get a sense of where your wants and needs match up with different pool designs and sizes. Thursday Pools offers the best fiberglass pools for homeowners in Atlanta and its surrounding counties.

Are you ready? 

Get a free estimate on your fiberglass pool. It’s ultimately the best way to find out the cost and financing options on your dream pool. Talking to someone well-versed in all aspects of pool installation in your corner of Georgia can save you time and money in the long run.