How Long Does Pool Installation Take?

How Long Does Pool Installation Take?

At this point in your pool buying journey, you’ve selected your pool design, including size, shape, and material. If you’ve chosen an inground fiberglass pool, the answer to the question, “How long does pool installation take?” is not as long as you may think! Installation of a fiberglass pool compares very favorably to the alternatives. Of course, there are factors unique to every project, and it helps to understand the details, so let’s outline those here.


Please Take a Number

How much of our lives are consumed with waiting? Months? Years? Supposedly, we spend an average of six months of our lives at traffic lights. And we probably don’t give that much thought. However, waiting can be especially painful when we’re expecting something as luxurious as a new pool. The good news is that a quality fiberglass inground pool is a quick install relative to other pool types.

Note: Please keep in mind both the schedule of your independent dealer as well as the production time of the manufacturer. Your independent dealer should be able to let you know when you can expect your pool to arrive and be completed.



If you’ve ever been involved in a building project, you know foresight is required. A critical factor is knowing your location and the local permitting and approval process. This is pre-installation work, but the variability that exists in the permitting process can put a hold on your pool installation start date. Depending on where you live, this could be days to weeks or even months. Your pool builder can help you get a jump on this when you are early in the process.

Note: weather is often a factor. Account for your local weather patterns as part of your installation timeline.


Site excavation and setting the pool (2-3 days*)

An excavator has your pool specs from your pool manufacturer. From these specs, the excavator can determine the dig specs for the job. An excavating punch list may include:

  • An excavated area dug about four inches deeper and a foot wider than the pool itself to allow for backfill material to be added under and around the pool.
  • A layer of base material that levels and supports the pool shell.
  • Pre-plumbing work.
  • Setting the pool into place using an excavator or crane.


Installation of plumbing, electrical and filtration system (2-3 days)

Your pool builder will factor in your needs for valves, pumps and filters, lighting and water features.


Backfill the shell and fill the pool (2-3 days)

The installation team is now filling the area around the pool shell while simultaneously adding water to the pool (It’s essential that these two items are coordinated to equalize the pressure on the shell). Add a day or two if you have a fiberglass pool with a built-in tanning ledge without Backfill Eliminator technology or if you are planning on adding waterline tile.


Inspection (Timing varies)

You’ll now call upon your local building or construction inspector to inspect your pool. Your dealer can be a resource in planning and scheduling this all-important step.


Coping, decking and auto-cover installation. (3-5 days)

Now, you are above the waterline. Your pool installation team will install the coping (top of the pool wall), your automatic pool cover and perform any related prep-work. They will also pour/build your deck.


Clean up, water balancing and add-ons

Your pool area has been a work zone. Now it’s time for any remaining construction equipment or materials to be cleared away. Your pool builder or a pool maintenance pro can help you get your water balanced for a safe and healthy first dip. You may or may not have fencing, landscaping or other fun add-ons associated with the pool installation to complete at this point.

Note: All timeframe estimates are based on typical pool installation times. This timeline is an example and may vary.

As you can see, pool installation can go quickly when you choose a fiberglass pool! As always, you should consult your pool dealer for a more detailed answer to the question, “how long does pool installation take?”

Note: Unfortunately, unforeseen delays do happen. Trouble with permitting, hitting rock, septic systems not being identified, and other issues may all cause delays in your pool installation.