Is a Fiberglass Pool Shell Right For Your Pool?

If you are looking into buying and researching inground pools, you have likely discovered that pool forms are made of concrete, vinyl-liner, or a fiberglass pool shell. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at fiberglass pool shells so you can determine if one may be right for you.

What is a fiberglass pool made of?

Fiberglass has become a well-known material in the past 50 years. It’s used to make boats, automobile parts and, of course, pools! Fiberglass material is quite literally fibers of glass. In the manufacturing process, fiberglass is flexible and thin, almost hair-like. Unlike hard, solid shards of glass, fiberglass doesn’t shatter or cut you because the fibers are heated until they’re molten and become a sticky, gooey texture. It is then forced through superfine holes that create glass filaments that are so thin that they are measured in microns.

These thin threads of fiberglass are woven into larger swatches of material. For strength and durability, a fiberglass pool shell is made of more than fiberglass. What makes the material even stronger than metals by weight is the thermoplastic polymer resins that are added. 

Through years of testing and our commitment to continuous improvement, Thursday Pools has developed the industry’s most durably crafted composite pool. We’ve gotten our fiberglass pool shell “recipe” just right by manufacturing it in nine layers. We like to think of this layering process as our “Composite Sandwich of Awesomeness.”

Here are the ingredients: 

  1. Gel Coat. 
  2. 100% vinyl ester barrier coat. 
  3. First application of chopped fiberglass. 
  4. Second application of chopped fiberglass.
  5. Hand-laid woven roving fiberglass.
  6. Third application of chopped fiberglass. 
  7. Honeycomb core. 
  8. Fourth application of chopped fiberglass.
  9. Fifth application of chopped fiberglass. 



We can’t keep our recipe a secret because knowing how our pools are made means you can be sure of your investment. You can trust that you are getting the best fiberglass inground pool in the industry and that you will have many years to create lasting memories with friends and family!

 Should I buy a fiberglass inground pool?

Fiberglass pool shells are beautiful, durable, and even somewhat flexible, making them more able to withstand weather conditions and ground movement. The malleability of fiberglass also allows us to create unique features such as sun shelves, tanning ledges, benches, swim outs, steps, and even a zero entry. Here are some other questions to ask: 

  • What shapes and sizes do fiberglass pool shells come in? We manufacture a variety of fiberglass pool shapes to fulfill your backyard dreams. We craft our pools to fit how our customers use them the most—rectangle, freeform, big, and small. We have a pool for every personality and yard type! Our smallest pool (the sea turtle) is 9.5′ x 19.5′ and 4’6″ deep while our biggest pool (the Goliath) is 16′ x 41′ and 6’8″ deep. Plus, we build just about every size in between.
  • How long do fiberglass pools last? Can a fiberglass pool last 50 years? Yes! Fiberglass pools will last well over 50 years if you get it through a reputable manufacturer that uses high-quality materials and if the installation is done properly. We inspect each pool shell thoroughly before shipping it out and only distribute our pools through our dealer network to ensure proper installation.
  • If anything were to go wrong (and we hope it doesn’t), we’ve got you covered! Our 15-year surface warranty will warrant the surface of the pool from osmotic blistering. And our one-time transferable limited lifetime structural warranty protects against any leak due to structural failures caused by workmanship and material used in the manufacturing for the lifetime of the pool. 
  • Are fiberglass pools affordable? When shopping for a fiberglass pool, how much do fiberglass pools cost? is probably one of the first questions you’ll ask. The cost of a fiberglass pool will vary depending on your particular project, pool size, and even where you’re located. That said, the average cost of an inground pool is $40,000 – $60,000. 


Every inground pool install is unique. There may be hidden cost factors that you will need to consider, such as site preparation, access, permits, fencing, restoration, electrical, and dirt hauling. Click to get an estimate, or try using our pool cost calculator. It will give you a ballpark figure based on the size of the pool and other items that are unique to your project. For more information, contact a dealer in your area! 


About Thursday Pools

In our fiberglass pool manufacturing facility in Fortville, Indiana, we create thick, strong, durable, low maintenance, and finely crafted fiberglass pools. In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, we are also ISO 14001 certified, which means we are as committed to environmental stewardship as we are top quality.