Is My Backyard Big Enough For A Swimming Pool?

Contacting a pool builder near you for an onsite evaluation is one of the best ways to know which backyards are big enough for inground pools. Many of Thursday Pools’ independent dealers will provide a complimentary evaluation and estimate. 

When the pool builder arrives, it will be helpful if you have a copy of your surveyor report or plot plan available. This plan will show your lot specifications and property lines, along with your house and any other structures, and it will ensure you get the most accurate estimate. That said, here are some common factors that may affect the size of the swimming pool your yard can accommodate:

  • Property line setbacks. Many states, counties and cities have regulations outlining how close your swimming pool can be to your property line, especially if your yard wraps around to the front of your house. 
  • Septic system or underground utilities. Prior to choosing the size and depth of your pool, you’ll need to have your local utility companies come out and mark the locations of all septic systems and underground utilities in your yard. It’s possible to discover that your yard is large enough for the pool you’re considering, but the depth of the pool won’t work with underground utility placements. If that’s the case, you might consider a uniform-depth pool. 
  • Public agency easements. It’s possible that you have easements on your property from government agencies or public utilities that you’re not aware of. If these easements have not been properly documented in your title, you may not find out about them until you apply for a permit to build your pool. Potential public easements include: storm drains, sewer mains and natural gas lines. 
  • Neighboring property easements. It’s possible that a neighboring property has an easement on a part of your backyard, so you should consult with your county assessor to determine if your pool size and placement would potentially be subject to easement issues. 
  • Overhead power lines and utility poles. Because fiberglass pools are made in a manufacturing facility and delivered in one piece, they’ll need to be able to clear existing power lines and utility poles as they’re placed in your yard. 
  • Zoning regulations and lot coverage rules. Many cities, counties and states have zoning ordinances that require a certain percentage of your yard to be green space. You’ll need to check with your local zoning office for the rules in your area. If you have one, your homeowner’s association may also have rules regarding lot coverage, so be sure to check those out as well. 
  • Retaining walls, trees, and other natural and man-made structures. The position of trees and existing fencing, as well as the positioning of your home, garage, outbuildings, and any retaining walls on your land may also factor into the size of the pool you can get into your yard. 

Depending on where you live, you should be able to apply for variances to keep your pool project on track, and your pool project may only encounter a few (or none) of these factors. We simply want to alert you of potential issues upfront so you can be better prepared and avoid any surprise costs down the line. Again, your pool builder is the expert here. He or she will most likely have experience dealing with just about every potential obstacle over the years, and will be able to help you find work-arounds.  

Here are a few great Thursday Pools fiberglass pool designs for small backyards: 


Sea Turtle

Our Sea Turtle design has all the great features of our larger fiberglass pools, including wide-open steps for easy entrance and exit from the pool, and elongated benches for sitting and visiting. The uniform, sport-bottom depth is great for water games and aerobics, and it’s designed to be swim jet system-ready so you can easily add in a swim jet system like BADU® to get the exercise benefits of lap swimming! 



inground pool cost

Pearl is a sweet little gem of a freeform pool that’s perfect for soaking up some sun and cooling off. The 12” deep tanning ledge accommodates two ledge loungers, and the wrap-around benches give you loads of places to relax and socialize. The swim area provides enough room to splash around and play. 


Wading Pool


If space is truly limited, you might be able to tuck a small wading pool into your backyard, and still enjoy all the benefits of the fiberglass pool lifestyle. Wading pools are great for little ones learning to safely enjoy the water, and they’ll still provide a great backdrop for parties and entertaining. 

It’s time to take the plunge! Which pool will YOU choose? Do your research and get the information you need to make an informed decision before you buy, and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of low-maintenance, fiberglass pool enjoyment.