Thursday Pools Makes News with Four Trailblazing Fiberglass Pool Innovations

pool innovations
Indiana fiberglass pool manufacturer, Thursday Pools, is relentlessly dedicated to improving the fiberglass pool experience and creating the best fiberglass pools. Thursday Pools is never satisfied with the status quo when it comes to pool innovations. They’re like mad scientists on a mission to create ways to simplify installation, protect pool owners’ investments and offer previously unheard-of fiberglass inground pool experiences. They’re invited to fiberglass pool conferences around the country to speak about their “intent to invent.” And, they’ll soon garner national attention as they’re featured on the television show, “Success Files with Rob Lowe,” a show that highlights trailblazers in every industry.

First of the Trailblazing Pool Innovations :

The Sunken Living Room Fiberglass Pool (patent pending)

Thursday Pools announced this groundbreaking innovation in February of 2019. Previously only available in ultra high-end custom pools, the sunken living room experience is now an option as a sunken sitting area with an optional fire pit, dining area, swim-up bar, or a spa—for the ultimate pool-in-pool experience. A platform top can be added to cover the sunken living room to make a tanning deck or a putting green. Pool buyers who are interested in ordering a sunken living room pool in 2020 can get on the waitlist now.

Thursday Pools is a great company. The owners, Ed and Bill, are truly good guys. They’re all about doing the right thing for the right reason, and that shows in their innovation and their quality. These guys are so creative, and they’re taking the fiberglass pool industry to a whole new level. I believe that they manufacture some of the highest quality fiberglass pools in the world.” Todd Emmerson, Signature Pools in Chicago, Illinois

Second of the Trailblazing Pool Innovations:

The Beach Entry (Zero Entry) Fiberglass Pool (Utility Pool Body US Patent No. 10,358,837 Utility Pool System US Patent 10,472, 839)

Thursday Pools introduced the beach entry fiberglass pool in 2018. And their two designs, Grace Beach Entry and Sandal Beach Entry are now available to order. Like the sunken living room, the beach entry feature was previously only available in upscale resorts and custom private home installations. Now, fiberglass pool owners can have the experience of a day at the beach in their own backyards.

“In just a few weeks, we’ll be installing our first one–the freeform Sandal. These customers knew they wanted this pool before we could even order it, and they were willing to wait for it. It will be unlike anything anyone in their neighborhood has ever seen. The beach entry pools allow us to offer something other pool builders can’t. They’re great for older people and for pets, because they’re easy in and out.”David Burton, Burton Pools and Spas in Springdale, Arkansas

Third of the Trailblazing Pool Innovations:

The Lucky 7 Skimmer®

Good pool maintenance is key to protecting the investment in a new fiberglass pool. Skimmers are an important part of keeping a pool clean because they keep debris from clogging the pump and allow water to circulate freely. Until Thursday Pools invented the Lucky 7 Skimmer, pool installers struggled to fit traditional skimmers against the sloped walls of a fiberglass pool. Typically, they used extension collars to get the skimmer to sit flush with the wall, which created a less polished look and didn’t allow the skimmer to function as well as it could. The Lucky 7 Skimmer is the first skimmer designed explicitly for fiberglass pools, and it’s compatible with any fiberglass pool brand.

“We use the Lucky 7 Skimmer on every pool we install. Because these skimmers take less time to install, they save pool buyers money on installation. They work better too, because they sit at the right angle for the slope of a fiberglass pool wall. And they look great—the mounting plate comes out farther and covers all the raw fiberglass.” Doug Thoele, W.E.T. Pools and Spas in Effingham, Illinois

Fourth of the Trailblazing Pool Innovations:

The Backfill Eliminator®

Built-in tanning ledges are one of the most highly sought-after features in fiberglass pools today. They traditionally presented a challenge for both fiberglass pool owners and installers, as the shallow area underneath the tanning ledge can feel hollow underfoot if it’s not properly backfilled. Thursday Pools solved that issue by creating the Backfill Eliminator, an integrated tanning ledge support structure comprised of an extra thick honeycomb core and support pillars that ensure your built-in tanning ledge will last a lifetime.

“We’re 100 percent committed to Thursday Pools. The fact that they’re ISO 9001 certified means that they have a checks and balances system for maintaining quality that no one else has. I’m having pools shipped from almost 700 miles away. I could save some money on shipping by getting them from somewhere closer. I’m not going to do that. It makes my cost higher, but it’s worth it.” Jason Cherry, Cherry Pools in Broken Arrow Oklahoma

What’s Next?

Who knows? The innovative team at Thursday Pools never stops. Follow Thursday Pools on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest to be the first to know what they’re up to. And, if you’re ready to take the plunge with the industry’s best fiberglass pool, get a FREE estimate today.