What Sizes do Fiberglass Pools Come In?

It’s a common perception that fiberglass pool shells last a long time, and that translates into making more memories with your loved ones. Whether you are looking to cool down and relax on hot summer days or you’d like a healthy place for you and the kids’ wild enjoyment, there’s likely a fiberglass pool for you. Even if your yard is not huge, there are small fiberglass pools that will add luxury and a lifetime of memories to your life. In this post, we cover what sizes fiberglass pools come in so that you may choose the best one for you.

Smallest fiberglass pool size

Small fiberglass pools typically have a surface area measuring less than 400 square feet. The smallest fiberglass pools may be less than 100 square feet. Cocktail pools and plunge pools are popular options when space is limited, providing a place to cool down and host a few guests without taking up too much space. Also known as “spools,” a combination spa and pool may be just what you need for a small backyard.


Some small fiberglass pool designs offered by Thursday Pools include:


Thursday Pools Pool Design Dimensions Square Feet
Wading Pool 1 9′ x 9′ 1’6″ 81 ft2
Wet Deck 14′ x 8′ 1′ 112 ft2
Pearl 15′ x 25′ 3’9″ 375 ft2
Sea Turtle 9.5′ x 19.5′ 4’6″ 185.25 ft2
Aspen (also comes in larger sizes) 12′ x 25′ 5’1″ 300 ft2
Titus 12′ x 26′ 5’5″ 312 ft2
Cathedral 14′ x 33′ 5′ 462ft2
Lil Bob 13.5′ x 27.5′ 4’6″ 371.25 ft2


Biggest fiberglass pool size

For reference purposes, we’ll define a large fiberglass pool as one that measures 37.5 ft. in length by 16 ft. in width (or 600 square feet). Certain shipping limitations often restrict a fiberglass pool size to 16 feet in width, as fiberglass pool installation requires that the shell remains as a single unit.


Some large fiberglass pool designs offered by Thursday Pools that are over 600 square feet include:


Thursday Pools Pool Design Dimensions Square Feet
Grace Beach Entry 16′ x 40′ 5’10” 640 ft2
Monolith 16′ x 40′ 8’6″ 640 ft2
Goliath 16′ x 41′ 6’8″ 656 ft2
Aspen (also comes in smaller sizes) 16′ x 40′ 5’10” 640 ft2
Cathedral LX (also comes in a smaller size) 16′ x 40′ 6′ 640 ft2
Wellspring 16′ x 40′ 5’10” 640 ft2
Sandal Beach Entry 16′ x 39′ 6′ 624 ft2
Sun Day (also comes in smaller sizes) 16′ x 39′ 6′ 624 ft2


What are the standard sizes for fiberglass pools?

While there is no standard blanket size for fiberglass pools, some of the most common pool sizes in Thursday Pools designs fall in the range of 13 to 16 feet wide by 35 to 40 feet deep. The size that best suits you depends on a number of factors, such as: 


  • What size swimming pool can your yard accommodate?
  • How large is your family?
  • How do you intend to use your pool?


Other important factors to consider are your budget and the zonal regulations of the area. Again, an experienced pool expert can help guide you through these processes and limitations. And our useful  pool selector tool guides you through various questions, helping sort out preferences.

Make a splash

Thursday Pools offers a range of sizes and shapes to produce an aesthetic that matches your lifestyle. From classic to contemporary, our feature-rich pools are sure to deliver whether you’re looking for a pool that’s small, large or something in between. Ready to get started?  Get an estimate today!