What is the smallest fiberglass pool size?

Inground fiberglass pools create a unique aesthetic for the backyard, but homeowners with smaller backyards often think they don’t have room for the more elegant option. Fortunately, more options exist in small fiberglass pools than ever before. This post will answer “what is the smallest fiberglass pool size?” and other common questions for homeowners with smaller yards.

What is the smallest inground pool size? 

Before answering the primary question of this blog post, let’s first give you some context. We generally categorize an inground pool as “small” if it measures 400 square feet or less. Depending on the dimensions, a small pool can be used for soaking, wading, swimming laps, or incorporating water features.


What is the smallest fiberglass pool size?

While pool manufacturers’ all develop different pool designs and sizes, Thursday Pools has several different small fiberglass pool designs, with the smallest being a wading pool that is nine by nine feet. Here are some of the smaller fiberglass pool designs (under 400 square feet) and their measurements:


Thursday Pools Pool Design Dimensions Square Feet
Wading Pool 1 9′ x 9′ 1’6″ 81 ft2
Pearl 15′ x 25′ 3’9″ 375 ft2
Sea Turtle 9.5′ x 19.5′ 4’6″ 185.25 ft2
Aspen (also comes in  four larger sizes) 12′ x 25′ 5’1″ 300 ft2
Titus 12′ x 26′ 5’5″ 312 ft2
Cathedral 14′ x 33′ 5′ 462ft2
Lil Bob 13.5′ x 27.5′ 4’6″ 371.25 ft2


What is a cocktail pool?

A cocktail pool is another term for a small pool that measures under 400 square feet and is approximately four feet deep. In fiberglass cocktail pools, you’ll find built-in beverage and wrap-around benches that provide places to soak and socialize. It’s a veritable cocktail party in the pool.

What is a plunge pool?

Plunge pools are also small pools but often deeper than cocktail pools. While cocktail pools are shallow and commonly used for relaxing, plunge pools are deep enough to allow for more activity, such as exercise and playing games. However, they may not offer wide-open swimming for a group of people. Plunge pools can also serve as a focal point for socializing.

What is the smallest pool you can swim laps in?

You don’t need an Olympic-size pool to swim laps. Even with a small pool, getting a few laps in is possible. Some small pools can be equipped with strong jets and pressure currents that create a flow of moving water. Activating these features allows you to swim “laps” without actually moving.

What to consider when buying a pool for a small backyard

Local building restrictions

Clearance restrictions may apply between the pool and your home and property lines. Zoning regulations and HOA restrictions can also impact pool size and layout options. An expert pool contractor will be familiar with federal restrictions and local requirements pertaining to your pool. 

Amount of space

As a guideline for your own comfort, limit your pool size to not exceed 25 percent of your yard space. For example, a pool should not exceed 24 feet long by 12 feet wide for a lawn that measures 1,200 square feet or less.

Best pool for your needs

One of the most important considerations is how you plan to use your pool. A wading pool may be just what you need for a beautiful aesthetic and relaxation. If you are entertaining, you may want a deeper pool with plenty of seating or a flat-bottom pool for playing games. Another essential factor to consider is other backyard activities and the space required. Do you need open lawn space for play? How much patio space will you need?

The best small pool for you

Choosing a pool is personal. If you’re uncertain about which pool is best for your backyard, try out our pool selector tool as a starting point, or let us get you in touch with an independent dealer near you.