How Much is the Smallest Fiberglass Pool?

We can’t read minds, but chances are that if you landed here by searching “How much is the smallest fiberglass pool?”, you are interested in both a small fiberglass pool and are concerned with costs. In this post, we’ll define small fiberglass pools and address some cost-related questions.

About Small Fiberglass Pools

Many fiberglass pools are over 600 square feet (e.g., more than 37.5 feet long by 16 feet wide). Comparatively speaking, a small fiberglass pool may be under 400 square feet. This size will fit into many smaller yards, take up less space, and is still fun and functional. To give you an idea of what that looks like, here are some  Thursday Pools small fiberglass pool designs and their dimensions:



Thursday Pools Pool Design Dimensions Square Feet
Wading Pool 1 9′ x 9′ 1’6″ 81 ft2
Wet Deck 14′ x 8′ 1′ 112 ft2
Pearl 15′ x 25′ 3’9″ 375 ft2
Sea Turtle 9.5′ x 19.5′ 4’6″ 185.25 ft2
Aspen (also comes in  four larger sizes) 12′ x 25′ 5’1″ 300 ft2
Titus 12′ x 26′ 5’5″ 312 ft2
Cathedral 14′ x 33′ 5′ 462 ft2
Lil Bob 13.5′ x 27.5′ 4’6″ 371.25 ft2


Small Fiberglass Pool Prices

Our general suggestion for getting a rough ballpark estimate for our fiberglass pools is to multiply your linear square feet by $1500. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, and you would need to get an estimate from a pool dealer near you to get firm numbers. Every case is different, and fiberglass pool prices vary according to a number of factors, including:


Installation Factors Affecting Pool Prices

  • Ease or difficulty of accessing your backyard
  • Excavation complications (e.g., rocky or sandy soil)
  • Permits and variances 
  • Barrier requirements (e.g., fencing or safety pool cover)
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing (especially rerouting septic fingers)
  • Dirt hauling
  • Standard pool equipment (filtration system, skimmer and jets, a vacuum head and pole, vacuum hose, skim net, wall brush, thermometer, and chemical test strips)
  • Additional pool equipment (e.g., pool heater, automatic vacuum system, salt generator)
  • Backfill 
  • Restoration 

Optional Factors Affecting Pool Prices

  • Landscaping and hardscaping costs
  • Patio furniture
  • Ladder
  • Slides
  • Mosaic tile
  • Specialty lighting (such as LED lights)
  • Water features such as deck jets, bubblers, and waterfalls
  • Swim jet system or spa features

Are Small Pools Cheaper?

Yes. Generally speaking, small pools are less costly than larger pools. Not only do they save space in your backyard, but they also cost less to build initially due to fewer building materials being used and easier installation. Additionally, they cost less to maintain. A smaller pool requires less water and fewer chemicals and is generally easier to maintain than a larger pool. 

Are Fiberglass Pools More Expensive?

Fiberglass pools are inground pools that are more expensive than above-ground pools. They are typically more expensive than a vinyl liner pool, but according to Home Guide, a fiberglass pool is generally 10 to 20 percent cheaper than a gunite pool. Additionally, fiberglass pools cost less to maintain than traditional pools. Over the course of 10 years, a fiberglass pool will save you 75 percent on maintenance costs as opposed to a concrete pool. 

How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

Fiberglass pools range from $45,000 to $85,000 on average, but smaller pools may run less. Use the Thursday Pools Pool Cost Calculator to get an estimate for your pool project based on size and desired options. This tool can help you better understand the cost breakdown behind your pool.

Whether you are looking for a small fiberglass pool because you have a small backyard or you are trying to save money, our best advice is to let us get you in touch with an independent pool dealer in your area. A pool dealer can give you the best estimate based on all the factors that affect pool pricing and can answer your project-specific questions.