Beautiful Water Features for Your Pool

You have your new inground pool in your backyard, and obviously, you want to create your backyard paradise. Water features are an excellent addition to any poolside backyard. Flowing water not only enhances a tranquil atmosphere, but it also adds a sense of fun and elegance to the pool.

A swimming pool will bring hours of fun and relaxation, but water features can add an entirely new dimension to the usual sitting-by-the-pool experience. Of course, it is best to plan your water features while your pool is under construction. However, if you already have a pool and now you’d like to add a feature, you don’t need to worry because these elements can be added to existing swimming pools.


water featuresLaminars are becoming more and more popular. They are strong, sleek streams of water that come from the decking surrounding your pool. The jets have a smooth uniform look and can be used with any inground pool design. You can add a LED color display to your laminars at night.


Cascades are similar to waterfalls but offer a slightly different effect. With cascade features, the water rolls over several rocks or rock slabs and then tumbles into the pool. Cascades can fit any pool theme and will offer the relaxing waterfall sound that everyone loves. We guarantee you will complete the oasis vibe you’re going for with cascades.


water features

Slightly similar to deck jets, bubblers are small “fountains” that typically sit at the edge of the pool. They are meant to create a stream of water that bubbles and the water stream height can vary. Bubblers can come in bowl shapes or planters that spill over into the pool. To add a cool effect for the night time, consider adding LED lights to the bubblers.

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