If You’re Searching for a Fiberglass Inground Pool, it’s Time to Ask, “What about Lil Bob?”

Bob, it’s a common name, and when spelled backward, it’s still Bob. And yet, this fiberglass inground pool gem is not so mainstream. Its name was inspired by a famous Bob who enjoyed being the life of the party, but also wanted to ensure as many of his friends as possible could enjoy a hot day in the cool water.  


No, it wasn’t Bob Ross the painter, Bob Barker, Bob Hope, or even Bob Dylan—although we think each of those Bob’s might have enjoyed the essence of entertaining that this pool design emphasizes. Here’s a hint, he’s a smaller Bob with a big radio personality.


Our Lil Bob is mighty for entertaining.  


Its classic rectangle shape gives your family an elegant-looking area to sit and cool down, soak up some of the sun’s healing rays, or enjoy a pick-up game with a few friends. 


fiberglass inground pool


Lil Bob pours on the therapy you need with dual benches that provide ample seating for all of your friends to enjoy a spectacular backyard view, while not missing out on any aspect of the conversation. You’ll make some great memories with a small or large group of friends who enjoy each other’s time. 



Get inspired by some of our favorite Lil Bob backyards. 

Like an upcoming vacation, this video will give you something to anticipate. 



Let’s look at the features that make Lil Bob a huge hit. 

  1. Dual benches 12’ x 18” deep (14” deep from seat to water level, depending on how much water is in the pool). Staying cool in the hot summer sun and having ample room for friends or family to join you is the marquee feature of Lil Bob. The steps give you easy entry in and exit out of the pool. 
  2. Open swim or play area. The kids have plenty of room to play while the adults hang out on the benches. There’s plenty of room to float around, enjoy a game of water volleyball, or even swim laps down the center of the pool. 
  3. Auto-cover ready. Automatic pool safety covers are a fabulous choice for fiberglass inground pool owners. They ensure that no one can enter the pool without your knowledge, offer less pool maintenance, and lower your pool maintenance costs. 
  4. Non-skid surface throughout. All Thursday Pools fiberglass pool designs feature our exclusive gel coat finish. It’s non-skid, so you can be assured that swimmers of all ages can safely get in and out of the pool. It’s also impervious to algae, which means easier maintenance and fewer chemicals. Plus, it’s easy on swimmers’ bare feet, pet’s paws, and swimsuits! 


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Our Lil Bob pool design comes in one size that you’ll find just right: 

  • 13.5’ x 27.5’, with a depth of 4.6’

fiberglass inground pool








Take a 360 tour of the Lil Bob pool design. 


See where the water comes up to you from different areas of the pool.

Do you wonder where the water might hit you (or your family members) based on your height? Our wet tour will give you a sense of what it feels like as you enjoy every aspect of this artfully crafted pool. 




How much does the Lil Bob fiberglass inground pool cost? 

Fiberglass inground pool prices will vary based on a variety of factors, including where you live and how accessible your yard is. You’ll need to contact a Thursday Pools dealer for an actual estimate, but you can usually plan on about $1500 per foot of pool length, installed. To get an idea of the costs for your own inground pool project, use our handy Pool Cost Calculator


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