Where to Find a Fiberglass Pool Dealer Near You

In researching inground pools, you’ve likely compared the different types available, including gunite, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass pools. And perhaps that hunt has you leaning toward an inground fiberglass pool. A natural next question for you might be, “Where can I find fiberglass pools near me?” While entering “fiberglass pools near me” into a search engine will return pool dealer results (and paid advertisements) based on your location, purchasing an inground fiberglass pool is a big deal so, here are our top tips when searching for a fiberglass pool dealer near you.


Selecting a Fiberglass Pool Dealer

  1. Don’t just go with the first dealer you find. We recommend talking to a few. It’s essential that you feel comfortable with them. After all, these folks will be working in your backyard for at least a couple of weeks. 
  2. Get multiple estimates. It’s helpful to get more than one estimate to know that you are on track and not missing something significant in communicating your wants and needs and the dealer’s capabilities. 
  3. Ask for referrals. A quality dealer should have referrals at the ready when asked. You can also go online for reviews. Either way, make sure that the referrals or reviews are recent and not from several years ago. 
  4. Talk to other pool owners. Neighbors or friends with fiberglass pools are good sources. And so are home builders and landscape architects as they often subcontract pool dealers.
  5. Check online review sites. Beyond Google and Facebook, there are services like the Better Business Bureau or Home Advisor that can help distinguish the best pool dealers from their competition. 
  6. Talk to pool manufacturers. You may have zeroed in on a pool and pool manufacturer you like in your research. A fiberglass pool manufacturer can let you know what dealer services your area and get the two of you connected. 



Make Sure You Like the Manufacturers that the Dealer Carries

These are a few of the most common reasons we hear homeowners say they have gone with Thursday Pools when given a choice between inground fiberglass pool manufacturers. They say Thursday Pools inground fiberglass pools are:

  • Drop-dead gorgeous. Thursday Pools uses a high-grade gel coat available to produce a dazzling shimmer. Aside from the good looks, the gel coat also has UV protection and resists the ravages of chemicals, osmosis, and algae. 
  • Durable. The combination of resin, chopped fiberglass, woven roving fiberglass, and honeycomb core creates a nine-layer composite that helps make the industry’s most durably crafted fiberglass composite pool. 
  • Complete with options. Freeform, rectangle, Roman, round, and square. With several different shapes, a good number of designs and sizes, and a variety of available features, there is a pool for practically every lifestyle. 
  • Quicker to install. During typical and precedent pool seasons, inground pool installers of other types might give you a timeline of three to six months. An independent Thursday Pools dealer could have you closer to three to four weeks. Always consult with your dealer early on in the process so you know where you will likely fall in their installation schedule.
  • Focused on innovating. Thursday Pools is dedicated to continuous improvement, being good stewards of the environment, and finding new solutions to make fiberglass pools highly durable.
  • Feature-rich. Features you may have only found in resort pools a few years ago, like tanning ledges and zero-entry, are now easily found when browsing through the Thursday Pool Idea Book and matching up your family’s desires to one of the many pool designs. 
  • Backed by helpful people. With resources about everything from budgeting and financing to providing creative ideas for the installation and build-out, customers and dealers love the array of resources Thursday Pools provides.



Explore Pool Designs 

When searching for fiberglass pools near me, the initial results might lull you into thinking there are only a few design options available. Perhaps you’ve seen a showroom floor model, or you have a couple of neighbors with a similar design. These experiences may cloud your vision of what you can access. Exploring the Thursday Pools website, you’ll discover an entire line-up of fiberglass pool shell shapes, sizes, and colors that can be ordered and delivered to your backyard for quick installation by an independent Thursday Pools dealer.

If you find a Thursday Pools design that piques your interest, we are happy to connect you with a trusted independent dealer near you who can answer all your questions.