You get improved skimmer function
and your pool dealer gets easier installation.

Skimmers® Exclusively for Fiberglass

Thursday Pools has two skimmers specifically designed for the unique aspects of fiberglass pools. They are the first skimmers designed with a 7° angle and special mounting plate to provide a more polished look after installation. Not only do our skimmers look better, but they’re easier for your dealer to install.


Skimmer Features

7° angle for easy installation. Our skimmers are manufactured to account for the five to tenth degree draft angle most fiberglass pool manufacturers use. The angled skimmer reduces the number of extension collars required to level the skimmer, makes for an easier installation, and allows the pool to reach its optimum water level.

Mounting Plate. The lip over the opening on a traditional skimmer’s mounting plate is not wide enough to cover the thickness of fiberglass pools. The Lucky 7  and Double-O7 Skimmers’ lip extends farther to ensure the raw fiberglass pool edge is not exposed, providing a more finished look.


The Double-O7 Skimmer® (US Patent 10,961,736) adds a few additional benefits to your pool.

  • Easily allows for maximum skimmer height and position.
  • The sleek design matches LED lights, returns, bubblers, and other round features of your pool.
  • A simple 6 7/8” standard circular hole cut helps with easy installation.


Please note: the Double-O7 Skimmer® is an option on all of our fiberglass pool designs; however, it does not come standard on any of them.