Protect your investment with the most solid construction available.

More than a fiberglass pool accessory, the Geo-Anchoring Pool System is a solid investment that anchors your pool to the earth.

While some may classify our Geo-Anchor Pool Wall® as a fiberglass pool accessory, it’s far more than that, and it’s only available from Thursday Pools! Watch the video to see how the Geo-Anchor Pool Wall works and get the peace of mind you deserve when you add it to the fiberglass pool design of your choice.


How Does it Work?

The Geo-Anchor Pool Wall® (Patent No. US 9593455)

We created the Geo-Anchor Pool Wall® to prevent your fiberglass pool’s wall from moving or bulging. The specially formulated geo-textile material is infused into the pool wall during manufacturing, then rolled up and secured for delivery. 

During installation, it’s rolled out into the backfill and covered, thus anchoring it to the earth. The extension of this material allows the backfill to grip the pool wall to the earth. ByGeo Anchor Fiberglass Pool Wall anchoring the walls to the earth, the walls of the fiberglass pool will resist movement or bulge providing the strongest fiberglass pool construction available on the market today.

Please note: the Fiberglass Pool Geo-Anchor Pool Wall is an option on all of our fiberglass pool designs; however, it does not come standard on any of them.