It makes skimmer installation easier
and improves the skimmer function.

The Lucky 7 Skimmer is the first skimmer in the fiberglass industry specifically designed for fiberglass pools. Manufactured with a 7-degree angle and mounting plate, it provides a better fit for fiberglass pool walls with a slope that typically ranges from five to ten degrees. The Lucky 7 Skimmer features make it easier to install, improve skimming function, optimize water level, and provide a more polished look to a fiberglass pool.

Other skimmers on the market that are created for vinyl or gunite pools don’t account for the slope of a fiberglass pool wall, resulting in the need for extension collars to achieve optimum functionality. The video image below shows the Lucky 7 Skimmer on the left and a traditional skimmer with extensions on the right and demonstrates how the Lucky 7 Skimmer is the perfect fit. 

Watch the video to see the difference. 

How does the Lucky 7 Skimmer give your pool a more polished look?
The lip that slips into the skimmer opening on a traditional skimmer mounting plate is not wide enough to cover thicker fiberglass pools. While this does not hurt the fiberglass pool, it does not provide the finished look that we recommend. When we designed our fiberglass pool skimmer, we made the mounting plate extend further to ensure the raw fiberglass pool was not exposed. Because our mounting plate is large enough to cover all fiberglass material, the mounting plate provides you with a more polished look.

Why is it easier for dealers to install?
The Lucky 7 Skimmer is manufactured to account for a five to ten-degree draft angle most fiberglass pool manufacturer’s use. The angled skimmer reduces the number of extension collars required to level the skimmer and makes for an easier installation. The angle also allows the pool to reach its optimum water level.

Our Lucky 7 Skimmer is manufactured specifically for fiberglass pools.