Owning an inground fiberglass pool means that you, your family and friends will always have something to bring you together-- a place to gather for fun, exercise, parties and relaxation at the end of a long day. The best way to ensure that your pool is in great condition for years to come is to be vigilant about pool maintenance. New pool owners and folks who are considering purchasing a new inground fiberglass pool often have questions about pool maintenance-- How much does pool maintenance cost? What are the best accessories to help me with pool maintenance? What mistakes do pool owners often make with pool maintenance? Should I do my own pool maintenance or leave it to the pros? Let’s take a look at some topics that address some of these pool maintenance questions. Use the buttons below to navigate to the topics that interest you.

Pool Maintenance Cost

One of the best ways to reduce your pool maintenance costs is to stay on top of regular pool maintenance tasks and regularly test your water chemistry, whether you’re using salt water or a chlorine-based system.

Water is expensive and your pool holds a lot of it, so making sure you’re taking proper care of your water will save you money down the road.

Pool Maintenance Best Practices

New fiberglass pool owners often have questions about how to avoid common pool maintenance mistakes. Environmental issues, like groundwater, can adversely affect your pool’s longevity. Proper installation of your fiberglass pool will ensure that your pool won’t be damaged by groundwater and that you can safely drain your fiberglass pool without voiding the warranty. Many  issues with inground fiberglass swimming pools can be avoided by staying on top of pool maintenance.

Pool filters need to be kept clean sot that all the other systems in your pool will keep operating smoothly. Whether you have a sand filter, a cartridge filter or a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, they need to be backwashed on a regular basis to keep them free of debris and allowing water to freely pass through. Priming the pool pump is another pool maintenance task that every pool owner should know.

Pool Maintenance: Taking Care of your Pool in all Seasons

In areas where the seasons change, pool owners have questions about the best time to open their fiberglass pools, and which pool maintenance tasks need to be performed when you’re opening your pool. As the swim season slows down and the weather turns cooler, it’s time to give your pool a good cleaning prior to closing so you’ll be more likely to open a clean pool in the spring. And if you don’t own a pool yet, there’s no time like the present to start planning for one so you can be in the swim when pool season rolls around.

Should I Do My Own Pool Maintenance or Leave it to the Pros?

Every fiberglass pool owner needs to understand proper pool maintenance to ensure that their pools last a lifetime. But busy pool owners sometimes enlist the services of a pool maintenance professional. Finding a great pool maintenance pro near you will come in handy, especially  when it comes to opening and closing your pool.

What are the Best Tools and Accessories to Help with Pool Maintenance?

Pool maintenance tools and accessories, such as robotic pool cleaners, (link to this post when published) skimmers and automatic pool covers will help you keep your fiberglass pool in tip-top shape. By far the best accessory for overall pool maintenance is an automatic pool safety cover. The many benefits of an automatic pool safety cover include: enhanced safety and peace of mind, with or without a fence around your swimming pool area as well as the ability to keep debris and dirt out of your pool with push-button ease.

Landscaping your Backyard Swimming Oasis for Beauty and Easy Pool Maintenance

So many beautiful plants in the world… how do you choose the BEST ones to enhance your pool area?

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