There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach, soaking up the sun while cooling off in the water. And there’s nothing like the relaxed feeling the beach brings–the feeling that there’s absolutely nothing you need to do and nowhere you need to be. It’s now possible to have that amazing experience of a day at the beach right in your own backyard with a beach entry fiberglass pool. You can now have a backyard beach oasis of your very own.

What is a beach entry pool?

Beach entry (also known as zero entry) pools are so named because one or more of its sides gradually slope from ground level down into the water, similar to a beach. Until recently, beach entry pools have only been available in completely custom gunite pools or modified vinyl pools. The beach entry designs are highly sought after by residential pool buyers, and the fiberglass beach entry pool designs are already making quite a splash with trendsetters. For the official definition of a beach entry pool, see this post on “What is A Beach Entry Pool?”

Now that the “world’s first beach entry fiberglass pool”designs have been released, pool buyers who want the beauty and durability of a fiberglass pool can also now have the innovation of a beach entry pool in their own backyard pool oasis. Along with the other great features that fiberglass pools offer, beach entry pools offer a level of convenience for people of all ages.

Why choose a fiberglass beach entry pool?

Kids love them. Beach entry fiberglass pools are great for kids. They can enjoy the safety of sitting at the water’s edge while slowly getting accustomed to the water and learning to swim.

Adults love them. The gentle sloping entry allows parents to supervise small children while soaking up some sun in close proximity to the child at play.

Dogs love them. Beach entry pools are ideal for dogs, particularly older dogs because they can wade into the water as well as easily enter and exit the pool. 

They’re easy in and out for all. Beach entry fiberglass pools with a non skid surface are an excellent option for anyone who has trouble with stairs or wants the option of easing gradually into the pool.

They’re great for entertaining. Pool parties, especially beach-themed parties, bring the atmosphere of the beach to the backyard without the mess of sand! With a beach entry pool, there’s always a party waiting to happen just outside your door!

Who should buy a beach entry fiberglass pool?

While beach entry fiberglass pools are awesome, they might not be the perfect fiberglass pool option for everyone. Here are a few things to consider:

They take some space. You’ll need a good-sized yard since the grade of beach entry takes some space to finally reach the pool’s full depth. And that means if you love lap swimming, you’ll have to cut your laps shorter because the entry will take some length off your available lap distance.

They have a special entry to take into account. Your pool deck will need to be planned. Because the beach entry slopes from ground level, you’ll want to be sure you have incorporated the slope into your (landscape, concrete, paver, etc.) design.

They cost a bit more. They’re more expensive than a regular fiberglass pool. Just like any other feature you might want to add to your pool such as tanning ledges, bubblers or slides, the beach entry feature will add to your new fiberglass pool’s cost.

How do I get a beach entry (or zero entry) fiberglass pool?

The world’s first beach entry fiberglass pool designs have just been released and will be available to install in 2019. Pool buyers who want to be the first in their neighborhood (or their city, or maybe even their state!) need to get on the wait list to get one of the only two available beach entry fiberglass pool designs, Grace and Sandal.

Regardless of the pool design you choose, and whether or not you decide a beach entry fiberglass pool is the best choice for you, adding a fiberglass pool to your backyard is sure to add a lifetime of memories for you, your family and your friends.


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