What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Pool

You recently purchased a pool. You are super excited while you are expecting a pool. We are excited for you. The memories you will make around the pool with friends and family will be some of your most treasured. But until then, you have some construction work to get through. We believe setting expectations up front about what you will experience while you are expecting a pool will help alleviate your anxiousness. With the right frame of mind, you can create some pretty awesome memories even during the mess.

Expect a Little Mess

There is no way of getting around it. When you are expecting a pool there will be a little mess. Even with the most courteous pool builder, you are going to have a pile of dirt, mud, gravel and boxes of equipment in your yard. Heavy machinery and trucks will be going in and out of the project site on a regular basis. During the construction process, it is probably your safest option to prohibit children, neighbors, and pets in the backyard.

Expect a Few Delays

It is very rarel that pool projects run completely smoothly. Deliveries can run late. Inspections can be delayed, and equipment can break down. Mother nature can and often will play havoc.

Expect Communication

Your pool builder will be communicating with you from this point forward and throughout the different phases of construction. They will be discussing start dates, delivery dates, inspection dates, and may prepare you for any different sub-contractors that may be completing portions of the project. Be patient but be up front about what communication you expect from your pool builder. Some homeowners want to know every time someone is going to be in their backyard and others just want to know when the job is going to be completed. Together, you and your pool builder should have an understanding upfront about expectations of communication. Share with each other the best way to communicate details about the project.

Expect to Do a Little Work

Unless you have worked out a completely turn key package with your pool builder, chances are you will have some work to do when the pool is completed. Most pool projects finish at rough grade. Meaning a final grade and any seed and straw or sod is the homeowner’s responsibility and will have to be completed or organized by you. While the pool builder may do a final clean of the swimming pool, you will still be fighting dirt and dust collecting in the pool until grass and landscaping are complete. You will probably be cleaning the pool every few days until sod and landscaping are established.

Now that you know what to expect, you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the progress on your pool. To make it fun, celebrate the milestones like Dig Day, Pool Delivery Day, Concrete Day, etc.