Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool

Summer is almost here, and pretty soon your children will be spending their time in the pool all day long. Now is the time to go over what you need to do to make sure your kids stay safe around the swimming pool this summer. Going over the pool safety rules of the swimming pool with your family will help everyone enjoy the pool all summer long.

keep your kids safe at the poolKeeping your children safe requires teaching them important rules. There are also steps that you have to take to ensure their safety. Here are just a couple lessons to teach your kids how to be safe and actions you can take to keep them safe around the swimming pool.

Don’t swim alone

The best way to keep kids safe in the water is to make sure they don’t swim alone. For younger children or those who are not confident swimmers, an adult should always be in the water with them. Older children and more confident swimmers should either swim with adult supervision or with a friend.

Teach basic swimming techniques

Even at a young age, every child can learn basic swimming skills. Children should know how to swim well enough to keep themselves afloat. You should also teach children how to identify and understand safe water depths, so they are aware of jumping and how to do it in a safe manner.

Learn CPR

Every parent should know how to perform CPR on a child. Knowing CPR will give you peace of mind if something were to happen. Many hospitals offer CPR training for parents. You can also have your children learn CPR; it’s a skill that is important for anyone to know.

Make the pool area safe

To prevent any child from wandering into the pool unattended surround your backyard pool with fencing that’s at least four feet high. Make sure the fencing has a self-latching gate, so young children will not be able to enter the pool unattended. Keep small children safe at home by ensuring patio doors are locked and child proof.

You can never be too cautious when it comes to water safety and children. Understanding basic swim safety tips will help keep kids safe from accidents and injuries in and around the water. We want to help you teach your kids pool safety in a fun way. That’s why we created our Safety Rules children’s book. You can download the children’s book here.

You can find more water safety tips to teach your kids at the American Red Cross website.