Create Your Own Private Backyard Beach Pool Oasis

Beach vacations create family memories you’ll cherish forever—from building sandcastles with the kids and lounging with a good book to simply putting down your phone and reconnecting with the people you love. But beach vacations can also create memories you may not find as heartwarming, like dragging enough sand into the car to build a sandcastle in the backseat, fighting crowds for the best spots, or realizing you forgot the sunscreen as soon as you settle into your lounge chair. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the beach all to yourself, enjoying the water in a beach entry pool and staying sand-free in your backyard beach pool oasis?

Top that off with the creature comforts of a clean bathroom, stocked refrigerator, and unlimited sna cks and supplies just steps away in the house, and you’ve got the best of both worlds.

But how is this possible?

Beach entry pools, once only available to high-end resorts and hotels, are now available for residential installations in durable and low-maintenance fiberglass in both rectangle and freeform shapes. With a zero entry pool, you can experience the feeling of a lazy day at your backyard beach pool every day, without the travel time, expense and hassle of getting there. Once you’ve installed your new beach entry fiberglass pool, you can evoke the ambiance of the beach in even more ways.

Check out these fun tips to enhance your “day at the beach” experience in your own backyard.

  1. Surround your beach entry pool with tropical plants. There’s no better way to recreate the tropical feelings of the beach than with trees and plants you might typically find there. In the Midwest, you may have to plant tropicals, like palms, in pots and bring them indoors for the winter, but it’s worth a little extra effort to be able to listen to the palm leaves rustle in the wind on a breezy summer day.
  2. Add tanning ledge loungers to your backyard beach pool. Sitting in a lounge chair on the shore with the waves gently lapping at your toes is heavenly. You can replicate that experience with tanning ledge loungers that allow you to enjoy the cool, refreshing water on your feet (and bottom!) while enjoying a good book or soaking up the sun.
  3. Choose decor that feels like a beach resort. Choosing furniture, throw pillows, outdoor rugs, and lighting in cool shades of sandy tan, blue, and white will help create that posh, upscale-beach-resort feeling that transports you thousands of miles from home.
  4. Throw a beach party. Once your new backyard beach pool oasis is installed, landscaped, and furnished, what else is left to do but throw a beach-themed party? Whether it’s a casual cookout with a few friends or a more elaborate waterside celebration like a wedding, anniversary party, or rehearsal dinner, your new backyard beach will become the focal point of your parties and the envy of the neighborhood.

Finding ways to create quality time with family and friends is a perfect solution to reduce stress and unleash more joy in your day-to-day life. Discover all the fun that awaits!

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