Pool Lighting Tips

fiberglass pool lighting
Surrounding your backyard and swimming pool with lighting transforms your yard into the perfect outdoor living space. Pool lights can also serve as a safety measure for your late night pool parties. If you want to make your pool look more beautiful and take your pool parties to the next level, pool lights are sure to help you do that. There are a lot of options out there, so we wanted to help you make choices are your pool lights with some useful tips.


Lighting in your pool

There are significant changes to pool lighting options over the years and right now LED lighting systems are becoming a popular choice. LED lights are available in many different colors. Color-changing LED lights are also an option that would help you set the right mood for your parties. LED lights produce the brightest lighting option while being energy-efficient. LED lights are a more expensive option, but they are guaranteed to last longer, and they are simple to maintain.

Lighting around your pool

A well-lit backyard makes your swimming pool and outside of your house look better overall. Low-voltage lighting that saves energy while softly lighting your yard is the best way to go. Place the lights, so they shine onto the trees in your backyard to create an interesting look when the sun goes down. The right lighting will not only create a beautiful look in your yard, but they can also serve as safety tools. Halogen pool lights and LED lights are common choices for outside the pool area. Halogen lights are more affordable than LED lights, however, LED use about 80 percent less energy than halogen lights. LED lights can save more money in the long run and provide much brighter lighting.

Right now, you may be thinking that pool lights may not be necessary, but we promise you will not regret it and it is worth the investment. We hope our tips help make lighting decisions easier for you. Make sure you follow us on Facebook for more tips on creating your perfect backyard paradise.