Style Your Backyard!

How to Improve Your Backyard Style

You’re spending most of your time dreaming about opening up your swimming pool this summer, aren’t you? We know you are ready to open your pool for the season. But is your space and environment surrounding your swimming pool ready? Your backyard style can make a big difference in your backyard pool parties.

backyard styleNow is when you should be taking the time to decide on how you want to style your backyard. We know it’s hard to decide on a design for your backyard style. That’s why we have created the Style Your Backyard Paradise Guide. We want to help you think about all the ways you can achieve any style in your backyard.

In our guide, we cover four different styles; caribbean, modern, rustic cottage, and whimsical. In each style, we cover how small touches work together to achieve the style.

For a caribbean style backyard, we explain how details like plants and the furniture can turn your backyard into a beach paradise. In a more modern style backyard, we advise paying close attention to the color scheme and accent details to complete a more clean and polished look. A rustic cottage look can be reached by creating cozy outdoor living spaces with vintage looking furniture. Achieve the whimsical style with unique and different pieces of furniture and lighting that create a soft look in your backyard.

No matter what style you are going for in you backyard, our Style Your Backyard Paradise Guide can help get you started. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something different in your backyard this summer. Make sure to follow our Pinterest page for more style inspiration.

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