Which Kind of Beach Entry (or Zero Entry) Pool is Right for You?

beach entry zero entry poolYou’ve decided that you’re ready to create your own private backyard oasis by getting a pool. You’re also sure that a beach entry pool is the perfect choice for your family, because of the luxurious “vacation every day” feeling it creates and the easy in-and-out for everyone in your group, from the youngest to the oldest.

Your choices when it comes to pools are gunite (or concrete,) vinyl and fiberglass. Let’s take a look at the beach entry options available for each of them and what makes each one unique.


For many years, fully custom gunite pools were the only way for folks to have a beach entry, or zero entry, pool in their own backyards. They’re still a popular option for high-end, custom gunite pools, in both residential and commercial settings like hotels, resorts and private clubs. However, price and available space are definitely factors in gunite beach entry pools– they are an expensive add-on feature in custom gunite pools and they require a large space to create the gradual sloped entry.


A beach entry can theoretically be created with a vinyl pool, but most pool builders would probably steer you towards concrete or fiberglass if this is an important feature to you. The biggest reason is that the vinyl liner needs the weight of water on it to stay in place, so the shallow nature of a beach entry isn’t ideal for the structure of vinyl pools. But if this is the combination you’re after, you can ask your pool builder if they can add a gradual slope to your deck leading into your vinyl pool.

Fiberglassbeach entry pool

Until recently, built-in beach entries were not available in fiberglass pools. However, they have recently become available in both rectangular and freeform styles, at prices that are much more affordable than a custom gunite beach entry pool, and they include loads of other amazing features like tanning ledges and wide open swim lanes.  

While fiberglass beach entry pools do still require a good amount of space, they’ll take up a bit less than a gunite beach entry pool because they can have a combination of a shorter beach entry that leads to a few steps into the pool. They’re also a less expensive option than a fully custom gunite pool (unless you happen to live a Sunbelt state.)

Fiberglass beach entry pools are also awesome if you happen to have furry friends who love to swim, as the gradual slope makes it easy for them to get in and out of the pool and the gel coat finish is durable and smooth, so it won’t scratch, or get scratched by, their paws.

So if you love all the great things about inground fiberglass swimming pools— their elegance, durability and low-cost maintenance, you’ll be happy to know that you can now add a built-in beach entry feature to your new fiberglass pool, and have the best of all worlds in your new inground swimming pool. Get more information about beach entry fiberglass pool features and get on the wait list to be the first in your neighborhood to own one!

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