6 Secrets to Creating Family Time with Your New Fiberglass Pool

family time swimming poolFamily Time Swimming Pool | Creating Memories with your New Fiberglass Pool

Amidst a sea of obligations, families often struggle to find ways to spend more time together. And we all know that finding something that the whole family enjoys can be tough. Why not gather the family in the backyard around your new fiberglass pool? In this post, we will share some secrets that we have learned along the way that will help you create a fiberglass pool experience that’s perfect for each and every family member.

  1. Family Pool Night. Mark one evening a week on your calendar as family pool night. Make this evening a priority all summer long. If you have to, consider limiting your kids or your own activities. When you make family pool time a priority, your kids will too. And what better way to demonstrate family first than to actually start putting family time first? Family pool night is spent by the pool, grilling out, swimming and enjoying a relaxing evening outdoors.
  2. Tech-Free Pool Zone. Consider making the pool area an electronic free zone. Tech-free zones encourage conversations and interactions. With the rise in the use of technology among younger children, studies have shown that having tech-free zones in the home can improve relationships, increase reading and conversations, improve moods and allow time for self-reflection. We could all benefit from those! Be sure to keep one phone near the pool in case of an emergency.
  3. Pool Chores. Make taking care of the pool a fun family routine. Working alongside each other helps establish teamwork among siblings, builds trust and teaches accountability. Allow children to take part in the effort by giving them chores that best suit their abilities and interests. Perhaps you have a daughter who is into science—she would be the ideal person to test the pool water. Another could skim off any floating debris or bugs (some kids love this job). Here are some other chores that could be part of the chore list: empty the skimmer basket(s), vacuum the pool, wipe down the scum line, etc. Together, you can power through your pool maintenance checklist while bonding over the experience. Remember, children should be supervised at all times and only age appropriate chores should be given.
  4. Play Pool Games. Lose the board games, and play some pool games. Taking time to play together in the pool is about taking the time to laugh and splash together. These are the memories that will be cherished by all for a lifetime.
  5. Host An Event. This little secret brings can really bring out the teamwork. Make it an event that everyone can be excited about by hosting the baseball team, youth group, a family reunion or the neighborhood block party. Give everyone an important role in preparing for the event. And make sure to plan ahead so you can all sit back, relax and enjoy your company on the day of the event.
  6. Swim Together. It is amazing what you will learn about your kids when they don’t have their phones or video games in front of them. And despite whether or not you have decided to make the pool a tech-free zone, it is pretty difficult to be on the phone and in the water at the same time. Pick a perfect spot in the pool to chillax and take advantage of this time with your loved ones. You might be surprised about what you learn from each other’s day when distractions like mobile phones aren’t within arm’s reach.

We hope you try these six secrets to creating family time with your new fiberglass pool. Come back to our blog often for more ways you can enjoy the pool life.