Five Reasons You and Your Family Will Love a Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool

fiberglass beach entry poolYou could really use a getaway. Your days are a jumble of soccer games, dance lessons, lunch-packing and chauffeuring. A break sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Where would you go? Picture your whole family at a magnificent resort. Palm trees are swaying gently in the breeze and you’re hangin’ with the rich and famous next to a magnificent fiberglass beach entry pool (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). The kids are splashing in water, just deep enough to play, but not so deep that you have to worry, so you’re at the water’s edge, soaking up some rays, with pool boys waiting on you hand and foot. Sounds pretty great, right? If only you had your own private jet…

Well, guess what? Fiberglass Beach entry pools aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore and you don’t have to get away to a high-end resort to experience one. You can have the luxury of a resort getaway every day in your own backyard. Inground fiberglass pools are now available in two beach entry designs– a fun and flirty freeform or a stately and classic rectangle with gracefully curved edges. Either way, you can enjoy the extravagance of a fiberglass beach entry pool at an amazingly affordable price– considerably less than a private jet! From grandparents to toddlers, the whole family will love it (including your four-legged kids!) There are so many reasons why your family will love a fiberglass beach entry pool— here are just a few:

  1. Ease on in. Fiberglass beach entry pools provide easy access to the pool, especially for toddlers who are just learning to love the water and may need to slowly acclimate themselves. The kiddos can gradually work up the courage to enter the pool a few steps at a time. And with a beach entry, you can walk right into the water with the kids, hand-in-hand, which is a lot easier than getting in first and trying to coax them to follow.
  2. The beach without the hassle. You love the beach, but you might not love the hassle of preparing and packing all the stuff that has to go into spending a day at the beach— chairs, towels, sunscreen, a cooler and an umbrella– for starters! A fiberglass beach entry pool in your own backyard gives you all the fun of a day at the beach just steps from their back door (with a bathroom and fridge just inside.)  Plus, you’ll never again have to worry about a swimsuit full of sand!
  3. A depth for all. Fiberglass beach entry pools take you gradually from a zero water depth all the way to the deep-end with lots of options in between. The varying water depths provide everyone in the family the ability to wade in, hang out and swim at a water depth that’s comfortable for them. Whether your family is comprised of toddlers, tweens or teens, everyone will find a spot they love, all while being safe at the pool. Fur babies will love the ease of entry and exit too, because fiberglass pools are pet-friendly. So everyone in the family can get in the swim.
  4. A spot to chill. Sometimes a busy parent just needs a time-out. With your own fiberglass beach entry pool, you can chill out on a ledge lounger with a beverage and book while still being just an arm’s reach away from the kiddos. Talk about the best of both worlds.
  5. A place to party. An inground pool provides a place for the whole family to bond and the ideas for beach-themed parties are endless. You’ll never run out of reasons to celebrate at the beach in your own backyard.

There’s no better time than right now to talk to your local inground fiberglass pool dealer about bringing the beach home next year. If you act now, you could be living the resort life by the time the warm weather returns in your new beach entry fiberglass pool. However, please note: pool boys are not included.

The innovators at Indiana’s Thursday Pools are the creators of the beach entry (zero entry) fiberglass pools (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). Get an estimate on a beach entry fiberglass pool of your very own today and bring the vacation home.