The Top Six Reasons to Choose A Fiberglass Pool

First things first, congratulations on the decision to look into a fiberglass pool for your backyard! More and more families are going this route. Swimming pools are great for making memories and fantastic for exercise, social time, and relaxation. Plus, depending on the type of pool you choose, it will likely increase the resale value of your home. In this post, we’ll cover the top six reasons pool buyers choose fiberglass and address common questions, including, Are fiberglass pools rough? Do the walls bulge? And, how much does a fiberglass pool cost compared to concrete?Fiberglass Pool

It’s natural that, as you do your research, you’ll want to compare the pros and cons of vinyl liner pools, gunite (concrete) pools, and fiberglass pools. Check out our inground pool page for comprehensive, direct comparisons. Now, on to the top six reasons to go with fiberglass.

  1. Fiberglass pools have awesome features built-in. Fiberglass pool designs include some of the hottest trends in inground pool projects. Pool owners adore built-in tanning ledges, wrap-around benches, swim-outs, and in-pool steps or beach entries. Tanning ledges or beach entries are perfect for keeping cool in the water and soaking up some rays as you visit with loved ones or watch the kiddos play. Recent innovations in the fiberglass pool industry are taking the luxury factor over the top with features that have previously only been available in high-end, custom gunite pools. As we mentioned, fiberglass pool owners now have the option to purchase a beach entry (zero entry) fiberglass pool to create a backyard staycation paradise (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). The zero entry is not only a great way for families to easily get in and out of the pool but it also creates a seamless, elegant landscaping centerpiece. And as of 2021, fiberglass pool buyers have the option of ordering a sunken living room fiberglass pool that can act as a sunken sitting or dining area or a swim-up bar. Add-on features include a fire pit, tanning platform, and putting green. Or, pool buyers can choose a spa in the sunken area for the ultimate pool-in-pool experience. None of these features are built-in to other pool types.
  2. Fiberglass pools have a smooth yet non-slip surface. Back to the question, Are fiberglass pools rough? The answer is a resounding no. The gel coat finish of a fiberglass pool is a fantastic combination of non-skid and super smooth gelcoat, so it’s safe for entering and exiting, in addition to being easy on your feet and swimsuits. While gunite pools offer a non-slip surface, they are rough on feet, tend to snag your bathing suit, and may become slippery as they are prone to algae build-up. And Vinyl liner pools may also have algae growth, making them slippery and posing safety concerns. They also can get wrinkles that present a potential tripping hazard.
  3. Durability and low-maintenance time and cost. How long do fiberglass pools last? Because they are so durable, the lifespan of a fiberglass pool is 50 years or more with proper maintenance. Luckily, they also require the lowest maintenance among pool types. Using fewer chemicals and spending less time on water chemistry and pool maintenance means more time spent enjoying your pool. Another question we frequently get related to durability is, Do the walls bulge? Indeed, they can bulge without proper installation; however, we offer patented features such as our Geo-Anchoring Pool System to ensure our fiberglass pools can be secured to the earth and resist movement or bulge. Fiberglass has a significant lifetime value because there’s no liner to replace, and they require fewer chemicals. As for the question, how much does a fiberglass pool cost compared to concrete? The answer depends on your geographic location. In general, fiberglass pools’ upfront cost can range from $45,000 to $85,000, and gunite can range from $35,000 to $100,000 and up. However, it’s worth noting that gunite pools may be less expensive than fiberglass pools in sun-belt states that are not subject to freezing temperatures.
  4. Pet-Friendly. Your pets are part of the family and letting them enjoy the pool is high on many pool owners’ priority lists. The durability and finish of a fiberglass pool, along with its multiple entry and exit points, make it pet-friendly. With vinyl pools, you have to be conscious about your dog’s toenails potentially tearing a hole in the liner, but the surface of a fiberglass pool is durable enough to resist any scratches from toenails. And gunite pools can be as rough on paws as they are on feet and swimsuits. A fiberglass pool’s surface is smooth and non-slip (which means perfect for pets). Additionally, all those great built-in fiberglass pool features, like tanning ledges, zero-entry, and swim-outs, make it super easy for pets to enter and exit the pool. So, if sharing your new pool with the four-legged members of your family is important to you, fiberglass may be the right choice for you.
  5. Quick installation. Vinyl and gunite pools are built from scratch in your backyard. This means they’re subject to the elements during construction. And if it rains for the whole week, you’ll have to wait until Mother Nature allows construction to continue. Fiberglass pools are produced in a factory-controlled environment and brought to your home in one piece. This means tighter quality control, and it also makes fiberglass pools easier and quicker to install because the project is much less dependent on the weather. Fiberglass pool projects are often completed from start to finish in three weeks or less, so your family will be in for the swim before you know it!
  6. Elegance and Beauty. Fiberglass pools are available in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and colors. They’ll easily complement any backyard design, whether it’s sleek and modern, free-flowing, laid-back, or anything in-between. Coming in small, medium, and large sizes, fiberglass pools can also accommodate different yard sizes. Plus, with a variety of color options, pool owners can create the mood that best matches their style. Simply put, fiberglass pools will enhance your home’s aesthetics and value as well as provide a stunning backdrop for countless days and nights of fun and entertainment. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide. Is a fiberglass pool a good idea? Get started by checking out pictures of fiberglass pools designs, and let us  put you in contact with a dealer to get expert advice.

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