How Much Do Fiberglass Pools Cost in South Carolina?

It’s time for a South Carolina roll call. Myrtle Beach! Columbia! Greenville! Charleston! Wherever you are in South Carolina, the weather makes year-round enjoyment of a backyard pool possible. An inground fiberglass pool is a great investment in the full enjoyment of your home, so where do you start your research? No matter where you are in the Palmetto State, your first question when you’re researching a fiberglass pool is probably, “How much does a fiberglass pool cost in South Carolina?”

Where is the value in a fiberglass pool? 

Before jumping into the cost of a fiberglass pool, it’s worth considering why you would have interest in a fiberglass pool. In other words, what makes a fiberglass pool a great value versus gunite and vinyl? Here are a few of the best things about fiberglass pools: 

  • Low maintenance. Fiberglass pools are easier to own and maintain versus alternatives like gunite (concrete) and vinyl. The smooth, gel coat surface holds bacteria and algae at bay—meaning you spend less time brushing and use fewer chemicals over the lifetime of owning the pool. 
  • Durability and practicality. Fiberglass pools are less prone to degradation than gunite and vinyl. The surface is easy on swimsuits and tender feet. And it’s pet-friendly! 
  • Feature-rich. Fiberglass pools offer an array of innovative features like built-in tanning ledges, wrap-around benches and even beach entries—usually built around wide-open swimming space!

What’s the cost of an inground fiberglass pool in South Carolina? 

We’ve discussed what makes a fiberglass pool such a great value. So now, let’s talk about cost. Your neighborhood, topography, and other factors may play a role in assigning a dollar value to your pool, but we can ballpark a cost. In South Carolina, you could estimate an inground fiberglass pool at approximately $1,500 per linear foot. If that doesn’t give you a clear enough picture, check out the following Thursday Pools designs and their average cost to install. 

Cost of an inground pool in South Carolina

Sun Day 

If you’re after the graceful curves of a freeform pool, our Sun Day design might be the perfect complement to your backyard. It’s available in three sizes with a maximum length of 39 feet. The smallest size is 30 feet long by 15 feet wide. At an average cost of $1,500 per linear foot, a basic installation might run around $45,060.



Cost of an inground pool in South Carolina


Lil Bob

If your family is very active and loves to play, our Lil Bob fiberglass pool design might fit the bill. The Lil Bob is 27.5 feet long by 13.5 feet wide. At an average cost of $1,500 per linear foot, a basic installation would be $41,250.




Cost of an inground pool in South Carolina


If you have a large yard and truly want the best of both worlds— wide-open swim space and lots of built-in spots for relaxing—Aspen is the pool for you. With a built-in, 12”-deep tanning ledge, you’ll have the perfect perch to watch over the kiddos while they swim. The Aspen is available in three sizes. Let’s check out the largest, which is 40 feet long by 16 feet wide. Applying our formula of an average cost of $1,500 per linear foot, a basic installation would be $60,072. 




Are there any hidden costs in pool installation? 

As we always stress, every installation is different. Occasionally things will appear in your installation that a basic ballpark estimate might not have considered. A perfect example of this would be in Richland County, where safety/security fences are required at home pools. A fence may be something you want anyway, but the example illustrates the point that variability exists. Seven examples of potential hidden costs, detailed more thoroughly in this blog, are as follows:  

  1. Site Preparation – roots, rocks, irrigation systems, and utilities are just a few of the considerations. 
  2. Access – pool installers have trucks, earthmovers, and cranes, and they need access to your backyard.
  3. Permits – municipalities have different permitting and construction site requirements. It’s important to know yours. 
  4. Fencing – as we mentioned above, fencing and pool safety covers may be a nice-to-have, or they may be a must-have, per local ordinance. 
  5. Restoration – it’s a big construction project, and sometimes that means significant clean-up and restoration. 
  6. Electrical – is your backyard wired? Is your pool installer estimating and doing the work themselves or through a subcontractor? 
  7. Dirt Hauling – to drop that backyard pool in there, you might be removing the equivalent of a one or two-car garage volume of dirt! 

This is a good list to keep handy. Always keep an open line of communication with your dealer so you both are clear on the scope of your installation and the final cost. One thing to note: some work, like restoration or fencing, could be performed as a separate project with its own financing. Creativity in putting together a cost plan can get your pool plan together more quickly with less immediate strain on the pocketbook. 

Can you have a pool in South Carolina?

As you can see, Thursday Pools has pool designs to fit every budget. And we’ve got the experience to work with you and your dealer to find the pool that fits your budget, your yard size, and your family’s personality. We maintain a tight relationship with our dealers and provide dealers and pool buyers with the tools they need for every step of the process.

Are you ready to soak in the sun in your new Thursday Pool? You can get a free estimate by answering just a few questions or talk to your local dealer for more information. 

About Thursday Pools

Thursday Pools designs and manufactures durable and elegant fiberglass pools. We are ISO 9001 certified, meaning that fiberglass pool shells are made with the highest standards and from the best quality material available. We are also ISO 14001 certified, which means we are committed to environmental stewardship. Our one-piece, inground fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing facility is located in Fortville, Indiana. At Thursday Pools, we aspire to be the world’s most respected fiberglass pool manufacturer and to help our customers create a lifetime of memories with their family and friends.