How Much Does a 12×24 Inground Pool Cost? Small Pool Talk.

Why would we want to answer the question, “How much does a 12 x 24 inground pool cost?” It is relevant and timely. As consumer demand is soaring for inground pools, you may have zeroed in on something roughly this size as the right size for your backyard setting. Pool size affects decisions on landscaping, decking, and other pool-side amenities, and many homeowners have found a small to mid-size pool will fit in their yard and leave space for landscaping. 

You may be surprised by the versatility, features, and good looks of the options available at this size. You might also be surprised at how affordable they are. There are so many inground fiberglass pool designs and sizes available it might seem too complex to figure out what the right choice is and how much it costs. So how do you go about figuring out the basics of cost?  


There are a couple of ways to get a ballpark figure for your small inground pool cost as you shop. As a general rule, we advise fiberglass pool buyers to estimate the cost of purchase and installation at $1,500 per linear foot. So, a 24 foot-long inground fiberglass pool’s cost estimate is: 24′ x $1,500 = $36,000. If you are considering an inground saltwater pool, you should add about $2,000, and if you want to include hot tubs, decking, or lighting features, add another $2,000 to $10,000 to your estimate. 

Of course, these numbers can’t account for every scenario Texas Hill Country pool cost might be calculated differently from a similar Kansas City suburb design. A checklist of other items you may consider in developing your cost picture include: 

  • Driveway repair
  • Association fees or Permits
  • Crane rental
  • Landscaping
  • Retaining walls
  • Pool heater
  • Automatic vacuum systems
  • Dirt hauling
  • Slides or waterfalls
  • Saltwater option
  • Generator
  • Specialty tile
  • LED lights
  • Bubblers or Deck Jets
  • Spas 


At this point, you may ask the question, “well, how does an inground fiberglass pool cost compare to other options available, like gunite(concrete) and vinyl?” Knowing pool costs vary widely based on style, size, and features you choose, let’s look at the possible range for each pool type: Vinyl inground pools can range from $35,000 to $65,000 for installation and decking. Fiberglass inground pools can range from $45,000-$85,000, and gunite, which can vary drastically based on geography and customizations, runs from $35,000 to $100,000+. 

You might wonder why fiberglass has a ceiling that’s lower than gunite. Gunite pools are built from the ground up, whereas fiberglass pools are built off-site in a controlled manufacturing setting. Pool manufacturers make fiberglass pools with molds that limit their length to that which can be transported safely and securely from the manufacturer to your home. That doesn’t mean you can’t go big with fiberglass if you want to. 

We think highly of fiberglass pools, but we think it’s good to be fully informed. There are situations where gunite or vinyl are the best fit. Gunite is a good choice when you have ample installation time and have a custom shape or extra-large size in mind. Vinyl may be your choice if you want the lowest upfront cost possible. There are other factors to consider, which we certainly lay out in detail in the comparison ebook linked above, but here’s a quick guide to some of the pluses and minuses of each type of inground pool. 

Inground Pool Comparison Thursday Pools

As you can see in our comparison chart, it’s not three stars across the board for any particular type of pool. It’s a question of what’s most important to you. Two of the biggest surprises for some buyers are fiberglass’s high marks in “durability” and “surface comfort and safety.” Fiberglass looks so shiny some people mistakenly link it to plastic and worry that it will be brittle and slippery. The fact is that multilayered fiberglass is incredibly durable, and the attractive gelcoat provides a comfortable, non-snag/non-skid surface! 




If you’re looking at a 12 x 24 inground fiberglass pool, the great news is that there are designs that will accommodate almost any backyard lifestyle and swimming pool activities. Let’s look at a few Thursday Pools fan favorites:


Thursday Pools Aspen Fiberglass PoolAspen delivers classic good looks with a modern sensibility tuned to what people want and need. It has a vast 12″ deep tanning ledge that easily accommodates two lounges while allowing other swimmers to enter and exit the pool quickly. Aspen features full-length steps and an extended bench. Aspen also boasts a wide-open swim area and courtesy ledge throughout the pool’s deep end. The Aspen pampers you and makes a staycation, or even the end of a workday, feel luxurious. It comes in five sizes, with the smallest being 12 x 25 with a maximum depth of just over five feet. 


Titus might be precisely the pool you imagined the first time you thought about a backyard pool. Its soft curves are friendly andThursday Pools Titus Fiberglass Pool inviting. Titus adds shape and dimension to a square or boxy backyard setting. Its benches and easy entry steps say, ‘stay awhile’ and naturally bring people together. Titus is the type of pool that builds atmosphere and becomes your favorite hangout! Titus comes in two sizes, including 12 x 26.





Thursday Pools Pearl Fiberglass PoolLet your creative self run free. The Pearl is a gorgeous gemstone you drop right into the heart of your backyard paradise. Pearl’s scalloped silhouette is artistic but remarkably functional for sun and social time. The tanning ledge is perfect for long conversations with a friend while lounging in the shallow water of this small inground pool. The curved steps make thoroughly cooling off easy, and the wrap-around benches invite everyone into the conversation. The Pearl is 15 x 25 in size. 


As you evaluate your choice, you can use tools like the Thursday Pools pool cost calculator or print out our pool cost checklist and consult with a dealer. Fiberglass pools are incredibly popular, so reach out to a dealer for a consultation if you think you might be interested. Every installation is unique, and a dealer can be a great resource, alerting you to often overlooked cost factors you may need to consider like site preparation, access, fencing, restoration, dirt hauling, or electrical work. Contact an independent dealer in your area for more information on small inground pools. 

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