Mosquito Repellent Plants for Your Backyard

There’s no doubt about it; mosquitoes can ruin everyone’s time around the swimming pool. We all do what we can to keep them away at all times because we all know that they are annoying to have around. You can rely on chemical treatments to keep them away, but that requires planning and researching. Chemical treatments require professionals and the pesticides can contaminate your pool water making it difficult to keep your water chemistry balanced. To avoid all of this, we suggest including mosquito repellent plants in your landscaping. There are a couple of plants that you can trust will act as insect control and be an eco-friendly solution for being a mosquito repellent for swimming pools. The mosquito-fighting plants that you have to choose from are well-known and easy to maintain in your backyard.


mosquito repellent for swimming pools

Citronella fills the air with a strong and citrusy smell that works to keep all kinds of insects away. Typically, citronella is an active ingredient in pesticides, repellant candles, and wearable repellant devices. The powerful odor from the citronella hides the scent of the plants and people that usually attracts bugs. The plant grows well in full or partial sunlight and can be grown in decorative pots. So, you have a couple of options for how and where you want this plant in your backyard.

mosquito repellent for swimming poolsLavender

You might be using lavender to soothe and relax you. But you can also use the plant to keep the flying insects away. The fragrance of the plants hinders insects and small animals ability to smell, and that’s why it works to keep mosquitoes away from your yard. Lavender is a tough and durable plant that only requires full sun and good soil drainage.


mosquito repellent for swimming poolsMarigolds are annual flowers that are easy to grow. These flowers emit a smell that deters all insects, including mosquitoes. Marigolds are a popular addition to borders of your backyard and to add to your vegetable gardens. You can also grow them in pots and place them anywhere around your patio so they can do their job anywhere in your backyard. No matter where you choose to plant them, marigolds will do their job and keep mosquitoes away from your pool parties

These plants can help be a mosquito repellent for swimming pools so that you can enjoy the rest of your summer pesk-free. Looking for other plants to include in your landscape that will look great with these mosquito repellent plants? Check out our past blog for the best types of plants to surround your swimming pool.