How to Make Your Swimming Pool Pet-Friendly

Everyone in your family loves your swimming pool, but don’t forget about your pets too! Pets enjoy the water as much as people do. Keep your pets in mind and think about making your swimming pool pet-friendly. There are simple things you should consider when you are looking to make sure you have a pet friendly pool.

Fiberglass swimming pools are the best type of pet friendly pool because they have no problem withstanding your pet’s’ paws. Fiberglass is a durable material that can withstand nails. Pets’ claws can tear or puncture vinyl liners. Concrete pools can be harsh on your pet’s joints and can harm their pads and nails. The smooth material of fiberglass pools will not be rough on your pet’s pads or break their nails.

When considering your options for keeping your pool’s water clean, you should know that chlorine is safe for dogs. The chlorine effects on dogs are similar to the chlorine’s effects on people. The most common issue that may arise is skin irritation. The best way to reduce the risk of skin irritation for your pet is to rinse them off after swimming in the pool. You may have to use more chlorine and chemicals to keep your water chemistry in check because of the pet dander.

To make it a pet friendly pool, consider purchasing one that includes a bench or a ledge. You know how when you’re swimming and you like to take a break once in awhile? Well, your pet would love to have somewhere to take rest too! That’s where a bench or ledge is great to have so your pet can sit back and relax with you while cooling off in the water. Swimming pools with benches or ledges also mean there are multiple points of entry and exits for your pets.

Lucky for you, we have plenty of fiberglass pool designs that include benches. Our pools are perfect for the whole family, including your pets!